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Prince Harry opens us about His Mental Health Struggles and Diana’s death

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Prince Harry opens us about His Mental Health Struggles and Diana’s death


Prince Harry is speaking up about his mother, Princess Diana, and how he struggled to voice his sadness after her death in 1997.


In a new Apple TV+ docuseries called The Me You Can’t See, the prince discussed the significance of breaking down mental health stigmas in a wide-ranging conversation that also touched on his mother’s death and his wife Meghan’s treatment.

His new Apple+ project serves as another microphone for his difficult experience with both the British monarchy and the media, in addition to his bombshell March 2021 tell-all, in which he claimed his father and brother were “trapped” and that someone in his family questioned his son’s skin color.

Harry’s newest interview with Winfrey focused on his version of events and his lifelong battle with mental illness, just two months after he and Meghan made startling accusations about their time as senior members of the royal family, including charges of racism and suicidal thoughts, .



His stories are told with the intention of inspiring people to get treatment and recover from emotional trauma, just as he has or is attempting to do. He says, “I know it’s my responsibility and my duty to break that cycle.”


“If people said, ‘how are you?’ I’d be like ‘fine.’ Never happy. Never sad, just fine. Fine was the easy answer. But I was all over the place mentally,” he revealed. Harry’s emotions were dominated by intense anxiety as he began his royal duties.

The Duke of Sussex spoke about the trauma he felt during his mother’s burial.

“For me, the thing I remember the most was the sound of the horse’s hooves going along the Mall, the red brick road. By this point both of us were in shock,” he says, referencing his older brother Prince William.


“It was like I was outside of my body. I’m just walking along and doing what was expected of me, showing the one-tenth of the emotion that everybody else was showing. This was my mum, you never even met her,” he adds.

Harry claims that no one in his family “was talking about” his mother’s death, and that he would have his “head in the sand and just crack on.”


That’s how he functioned for a long time, he claims. “I didn’t want to think about her. Because if I think about her, then it’s gonna bring up the fact that I can’t bring her back,” he says. “What’s the point in thinking about someone you’ve lost and you’re never gonna get back again?”

His mental health issues caught up with him after years of not processing his mother’s death, but he claims his cries for help inside the family were answered with “total silence.”


Following Diana’s death in a Paris automobile collision while being followed by photographers, Harry and William, aged 12 and 15, accompanied their father Prince Charles, grandfather Prince Philip, and uncle Charles, Earl Spencer in walking sadly behind her casket.

He admitted to experiencing nervousness and stated, Every time I put a suit and tie on and having to do the role and sort of like go, let’s go. Before I even left the house I was pouring with sweat, my heart rate was . . . I was in fight or flight mode. Panic attacks, severe anxiety . . . So age 28 to probably 32 was a nightmare time in my life, freaking out.”


“People who are hurt, understandably hurt, from their upbringing, their environment, what’s happened to them, what they’ve been exposed to, what they’ve seen — whatever it is — if you don’t transform, if you don’t process it, then it ends up coming out and in all sorts of different ways and you can’t control,” Harry concluded.

The duke also expressed his deepest sorrow for the couple’s departure from the United Kingdom, saying that he wishes he had spoken out sooner against Meghan’s racism.

The Me You Can’t See, a mental-health docuseries starring Prince Harry and Oprah Winfrey that aired on May 20, also contains inspiring stories from Oprah, Lady Gaga, and Glenn Close.

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