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Royal family ‘couldn’t handle beautiful’ Meghan Markle, academic claims



Royal family ‘couldn’t handle beautiful’ Meghan Markle, academic claims


Meghan Markle’s allegations of racism against the royal family have been a source of discomfort for the monarchy, with experts repeatedly criticizing the institution.

The Royal Family could not handle “beautiful” Meghan Markle, according to a Cambridge scholar, who also criticized the Crown’s “ties” to slavery.

Professor Priyamvada Gopal said that the Royal Family was a “white” institution that benefited from the British Empire.

Gopal informed Talk Radio presenter Nick de Bois, according to the Daily Star, that the monarchy was a “white supremacist organisation.”

“[It’s] an institution invested in whiteness and where whites dominate. The monarchy is deeply implicated in the project of empire; a lot of what it possesses came right out of the imperial project,” she said.

“This is not a monarchy that has ever talked about its ties to the empire – or to slavery for that matter. The monarchy couldn’t even handle a light-skinned beautiful woman. She was the wife of a prince and was drummed out of this country by the media,” Gopal added.


Dr. Gopal refused to apologize for her remarks or for liking tweets claiming that Prince Philip was the royal who Meghan and Harry said was concerned about “dark Archie’s skin would be”

She claimed that Prince Philip had uttered several “racial slurs” over the years in her defense.

However, Oprah Winfrey revealed that neither Prince Philip nor Queen Elizabeth II made the remark.


Meghan Markle ‘WILL make surprise return to UK’

According to a source, Meghan “does not want” Prince Harry to be alone in the UK at the impending installation of Princess Diana’s statue. The insider said that this is because relations between the Duke and Duchess of Sussex and the rest of the Royal Family have gotten worse since Prince Harry’s last trip to his country in April.

The insider told Radar Online in the United States: “Meghan knows how hard it was to attend his grandfather’s funeral alone and doesn’t want that to happen again.

“Harry was given the cold shoulder by most of his relatives, with several refusing to talk to him or even make eye contact.


“Since the funeral things have got worse, not better, so you can only imagine how he will be treated at the big event on July 1.”


Meghan Markle is flying to London to accompany Prince Harry for the inauguration of the new Princess Diana statue at Kensington Palace, according to reports.

Meghan and Harry might also bring their baby Archie Harrison on their transatlantic vacation, according to the source.

If Meghan attends, she is expected to leave Lilibet – named after the Queen – and her grandmother Princess Diana at home in California.

On July 1, which would have been their mother’s 60th birthday, Prince Harry and Prince William will reunite to unveil the statue in her honor.


The Queen is said to have asked Prince Harry to dine at Windsor Castle.


A courtier informed Richard Eden, ‘It’s a typically magnanimous gesture by Her Majesty. The lunch will be a chance for them to talk things through .’

But one royal expert “very much doubts” Meghan would attend the event.

Phil Dampier said: “It wouldn’t surprise me if we don’t see Meghan for some time.


“I don’t think she is popular with the royals or the public in the UK anymore and I think she will prefer to stay in California with her two young children.”

And that comes after Harry slammed his family in a series of scathing interviews.

Some royal watchers accused him of criticizing Prince Charles’ parenting abilities while he spoke on the podcast Armchair Expert.

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