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Meghan Markle paid £486,000 per minute for Spotify show



Meghan Markle paid £486,000 per minute for Spotify show


Meghan Markle and Prince Harry have made £486,000 per minute for their work with Spotify, as they have only published an hour of material in six months.

The Duke and Duchess of Sussex inked a multi-million pound podcast contract with the streaming behemoth last year, but have only released 37 minutes of content so far.

After teasing Harry and Meghan fans with a three-minute clip and a 34-minute Christmas special from the Sussexes in December, Spotify announced the partnership’s “first complete series” was due in 2021.

They promised performances that would “uplift and entertain.”

However, six months later, the pair has gone silent, implying that they have been paid £486,486.486 for the material they have created so far.

According to reports, the happy parents, who welcomed their baby daughter Lilibet two weeks ago, were not given the entire £18 million charge from Spotify up front.


Spotify said that it was “pleased” with the couple’s podcast debut and that it was “looking forward to a full-scale launch of shows” this year.

Despite the fact that the pair has taken a five-month paternity leave, which means they may not return to work until November, industry insiders say the contract is still on track, with details on the following episode coming later this year.

The Spotify arrangement is just one of a wide array multimillion-dollar agreements the couple has inked since leaving the royal family, including collaborations with Apple, Netflix, and Procter & Gamble.

‘We’re being told they’re having up to five months off and people who are paying them a lot of money will expect something in return,’ royal novelist Phil Dampier told the Sun.

‘They seem to be using up a lot of ammunition very early and putting a lot of stuff out there in terms of deals and agreements with lots of firms.

‘The question might be asked whether they have too much on their plate.’

However, according to public relations expert Mark Borowski, Meghan and Harry may have pre-recorded podcast episodes ready for broadcast between now and 2022.

And “even if the shows haven’t materialised yet, it’s a win-win for Spotify to have two of the most famous people in the world connected to them.”

He continued, saying: “Harry and Meghan will be under scrutiny to deliver.

“What are these guys going to produce? What do they stand for?

“Having just had a baby and dealing with Covid too might explain the delay.

“It might be different if they weren’t so keen on having full control over output.”

The Duke and Duchess previously said, “What we love about podcasting is that it reminds all of us to take a moment and to really listen, to connect to one another without distraction.”


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