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Kate Middleton’s titles when Charles becomes King



Kate Middleton’s titles when Charles becomes King


Despite being known by a variety of names, Prince William’s wife is poised to undergo yet another name change in the coming years, first after Prince Charles ascends to the throne, and then again when William becomes the king.

If the title of Princess of Wales seems familiar, it’s because Princess Diana, Prince William’s and Prince Harry’s mother, formerly had it. The title could technically have been handed on to Camilla Bowles, the Duchess of Cornwall (as Charles’s wife), but she declined out of respect for Diana.

When Charles becomes King of England, however, Prince William will rise through the ranks to become Prince of Wales, and Kate will become Princess of Wales.

And when Prince William succeeds Prince Charles as monarch, Kate will be become Queen Catherine. She will be known as Queen consort, which refers to a reigning monarch’s wife who married into the royal line but does not have royal blood.

If William died before Kate, she would be able to call herself Queen Mother as well. “When [Prince] George is King, she can choose to be styled as HM Queen Catherine, the Queen Mother,” royal biographer Marlene Koenig told Town & Country.

In terms of commemorating these major advancements or changes, there will still be a minor coronation ceremony for Kate when she becomes Queen.


She is also expected to be handed ownership of the tails of every sturgeon, dolphin, and whale that swims in British seas.

All of this won’t happen for many, many years, but it appears like Kate’s status within the royal family will only grow from here.


Royal Etiquette

Kate Middleton and other working members of the Royal Family are restricted in what they may and cannot do, including voting in elections and taking selfies.

Meghan Markle highlighted how her mental health worsened while living at the palace in the Duke and Duchess of Sussex’s interview with Oprah Winfrey.

“I was allowed to do very little,” she said, adding that she was lonely and was told not to go to lunch with her friends because she was “oversaturated” in the media despite not having “left the house in months.”

Meghan noted that the epidemic is one way that people can relate: “I think the easiest way that now people can understand it is what we’ve all gone through in lockdown.”

Markle emphasized that there are explicit guidelines on what you can and cannot do as part of living as a royal. “Well, you can’t do this because it’ll look like that,” the Firm would say.

Kate Middleton is not allowed to vote in any elections. Kate can no longer voice her political beliefs in public after joining the royal family, and she is required to stay politically neutral in interviews and at events.

According to The Express, members of the Royal Family are prohibited from signing autographs.

Because of a safety precaution, the royals aren’t permitted to sign their names for fans.

The law was put in place to prevent royal signatures from being faked, and they must all adhere to the anti-fraud policy.

The royal family is expected to dress modestly and smartly at all times. Female members of the royal family have traditionally faced more scrutiny in the press over their attire than their male counterparts, and are supposedly required to wear tights, knee-length skirts, and no bright nail lacquer.

Furthermore, all royals are prohibited from wearing fur, according to King Edward III of the 12th century; nevertheless, this restriction has been disregarded through time. Faux-fur is preferred by the Queen.

When the Duchess of Cambridge and other members of the royal family travel overseas, they must pack a black costume.

This is so that if anyone dies, she will be dressed appropriately.

Two heirs to the throne are also said to be forbidden from traveling together.

Members of the royal family are not allowed to take photos of themselves with their phones, and they are also not permitted to establish personal social media accounts. Meghan previously stated this to an audience in Nottingham in 2017, saying, “We’re not allowed to do selfies.” “Royals would always rather have a personal interaction than have people clamoring for selfies,” royal critic Victoria Arbiter told Insider.

Going to bed before the Queen is said to be considered bad etiquette.

Casual greetings, such as someone putting their hand over your face for a photo or touching your arm while pointing you in the proper direction, are frowned upon by senior royals, according to a Middle Ages tradition. “Best not to initiate personal physical contact with a member of the royal family,” etiquette expert Lucy Hume told Reuters.

This regulation has been disobeyed on several occasions. A formal handshake is an appropriate way to meet a royal.

Kate Middleton is likely to bow to the Queen and higher-ranking members of the royal family.

According to reports, however, there are no mandatory norms of conduct when meeting the Monarch.

In an interview with Oprah, Meghan Markle claimed that she was astonished to learn that she would have to curtsy when she met the Queen.

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