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Why Prince Harry may not return to the UK for Princess Diana’s Statue Unveiling

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Why Prince Harry may not return to the UK for Princess Diana’s Statue Unveiling


Future trips to the UK could be put on hold for Prince Harry.

The royal was expected to return home this summer for the dedication of a statue at Kensington Palace in remembrance of his late mother, Princess Diana. On what would have been Diana’s 60th birthday, July 1, her statue will be unveiled.

Prince Harry, however, could cancel the scheduled visit after being “shocked” by the cold welcome he got at Prince Philip’s funeral.

According to some sources, his reunions with some members of his family did not go as well as many would have hoped.

The Duke may make a “excuse” not to return for the unveiling of a statue dedicated to his late mother, according to royal expert Russell Myers.

Mr Myers said Harry was taken aback by the Royal Family’s “very, very cold reception” as he returned from his grandfather’s funeral in Los Angeles earlier this month.


“Some quarters of the family did give him a frosty reception and perhaps that did shock him somewhat.” the specialist told talkRADIO.

He also suggested that the Duke could use the impending birth of his second child, a daughter, as a “convenient excuse” to avoid “facing the family”

Prince Harry was “very out of sorts” during his visit for the funeral, according to radio host Kevin O’Sullivan.

“I’m wondering whether he received a very, very cold reception?” he inquired.

“I read that some quarters of the Royal Family literally just blocked him and didn’t even talk to him.

“I think he may have been a bit shocked by the cool reception he got from his family, which begs the question, will he come back for the unveiling of the Diana memorial with his brother in July?

“Or will he pull out of that?”

“I’m told he is still committed to coming. Both camps are,” Mr Myers answered.

“Certainly Kate and William will welcome him if he wants to come back.

“His intention is to come back. One may wonder, if his wife has just had a baby, I’m sure he could jump on a private jet and make a flying visit.

“But, will it be a convenient excuse so he doesn’t have to come back and face the family?”

“I think a lot will determine what happens in the interim period,” he said.

Because of his wife Meghan Markle, royal author and consultant Phil Dampier told The Sun that Harry’s upcoming trips would have to be put on hold for the time being.

“I personally don’t think Meghan will return to the U.K. And there must now be a serious doubt as to whether Harry will come over for the unveiling of a statue for Princess Diana on what would have been her 60th birthday in July,” he said.

“The relationship between the so-called former ‘Fab Four’—Harry, Meghan, William and Kate—is now so broken and delicate that everyone is looking for the slightest signs it is getting better…or worse,” he continued.

“The discussions after Prince Philip’s funeral were a start, but were clearly very strained and only an opening move,” he added.

“Harry and Meghan now have all they want to make them happy if they are going to be. A son, a daughter on the way, their freedom from the royal family and the means to make money and get involved in cases which interest them.”

“To carry on a war with Harry’s blood family is unnecessary and counter-productive, and the sooner they realize that the better. They should get on with their lives, stop playing the victim and stop playing on their royal connections by leaking stories while pleading for privacy,” Dampier shared.

“People can see through it and anyone who advises them to carry on this way is giving them bad advice,” he added.

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1 Comment

1 Comment

  1. Mary Allen

    May 13, 2021 at 8:03 pm

    I am appalled that they scheduled the Winfrey show ( not interview) when his grandfather was very I’ll in the hospital. ALSO he couldn’t be bothered to stay ONE more day for his grieving grandmother’s birthday. Shameful

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