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Why is Kate not called Princess, but Diana was?

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Why is Kate not called Princess, but Diana was?


For many individuals, the UK Royal Family is both fascinating and puzzling. People all throughout the world are perplexed by their sometimes long titles. These royal titles make it even more difficult to understand why everyone is referred to by their current titles and what will happen to the designation in the future when monarchs rise to the throne or someone in the family marries. However, one very prevalent concern is that why Kate Middleton is not dubbed a Princess even though Diana was.

Kate, Duchess of Cambridge, will sit alongside Prince William when he ascends the throne one day. Princess Diana was Prince Charles’ first wife, but the Duchess of Cambridge is not recognized as Princess Kate. So, what precisely is the reason behind this?

When Prince William and Kate married in 2011, the Queen bestowed a dukedom on William.

The pair received a new title as a result of their dukedom, becoming the Duke and Duchess of Cambridge.

Kate is still not recognized as Princess Kate, despite her stature and rank.

The princess title is typically reserved for biological descendants of the reigning monarch.


This implies Kate’s daughter Charlotte can use the title of princess in places where Kate cannot.

Despite the fact that Kate’s mother-in-law was the famed “Princess Diana,” she is not a princess just because she married Prince William.

Officially, neither was Princess Diana.

Diana Spencer, like Kate Middleton, did not officially become a princess when she married her prince. Diana became Her Royal Highness The Princess Of Wales after marrying Prince Charles of Wales, according to Metro.  Diana “may have had Princess within her full name, but it was never her formal title, which would require Princess coming first, followed by her first name, much like Princess Charlotte or Princess Anne,” according to Metro.

It was mostly the public who began referring to Princess Diana as “Princess Diana.” Diana herself pointed out that the title was not exactly right.Even though one must be born into the royal family to be dubbed a “princess,” any daughters Prince Harry and Meghan have in the future will not be entitled to the regal title, as they are great-granchildren of the monarch. They would be a lord or a lady, but not a prince or princess. The similar comparison applies to Prince William’s children but apparently Queen ruled that George, Charlotte, and Louis acquire their titles as HRHs.

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