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Prince Harry thinks he’s free but is trapped by Meghan Markle, says royal expert

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Prince Harry thinks he’s free but is trapped by Meghan Markle, says royal expert


According to a royal expert, Prince Harry believes he has found freedom, but is increasingly trapped by Meghan Markle.

Royal commentator Richard Fitzwilliams suggests it’s “obvious” that the Duke of Sussex no longer makes his own decisions, instead relying on the Duchess to do so.

Mr Fitzwilliams told The Sun Online, “He claims he’s found freedom,”

“In reality he seems to be increasingly trapped, but it is clear he doesn’t realise it yet.”

“He tells us he and Meghan pretended they were ordinary people in a supermarket who didn’t know each other and got weird looks, as well they might!

“He says he knows what makes a princess because Meghan told him.


“It is easy to conclude that he no longer makes his own mind up, it seems to be made up for him. It’s sadly obvious.”

“His opening up in the past as a form of therapy has been beneficial to others,” Mr Fitzwilliams said. “But why does he do it so publicly now?”

“Why bare your soul in this way and to what end? The need for this ceaseless exposure to the media is obviously hypocritical for a couple who are supposedly obsessed with privacy.”

“I can actually lift my head, you can walk around feeling a little bit more free,” the 36-year-old member of the Royal Family said in a recent interview, despite the fact that he moved to Los Angeles, not some far-flung corner of the globe.

While promoting his new Apple TV+ mental health series with Oprah Winfrey, The Me You Can’t See, which premieres next Friday, May 21, Prince Harry made those remarks on Dax Shepard’s “Armchair Expert” podcast. The Duke of Sussex also spoke about his forthcoming Spotify partnership.


Meghan didn’t plan to be able to enjoy a simple life after marrying a royal, and Harry acknowledged that. “But,” Harry told Shepard, “I think she said before she expected it to be fair [marrying into the royal family].” He went on to say that now that Meghan has seen the life of a royal, she would say, “You don’t need to be a princess. You can create the life that will be better than any princess.’”

Harry also spoke about how he and Meghan went to great lengths to keep their romance a secret when they first began dating.

“The first time that Meghan and I met up for her to come and stay with me, we met up in a supermarket in London, pretending that we didn’t know each other, so we were texting each other from the other side of the aisles,” he said. “There were people looking at me, giving me all these weird looks and coming up to me and saying ‘hi’ or whatever. I was there, texting her, saying ‘is this the right one,’ and she said, ‘no, you want parchment paper,’ and ’I’m like, ‘okay, where’s the parchment paper?’ So it was nice. I had a baseball cap on, looking down at the floor…trying to stay incognito.”

Since moving to Santa Barbara, Harry’s experience has greatly improved: “Living here now, I can actually lift my head and actually I feel different. My shoulders have dropped. So have hers. I can walk around feeling a little more free. I get to take Archie on the back of my bicycle. I never had the chance to do that.”

In a heartfelt moment, Harry shared Meghan’s belief that anyone can make their life better than a member of the Royal Family.

“I do think that old way of thinking of the Prince and Princess and all these little girls thinking that’s what they want to become,” Harry said when asked about his experiences by Shepard.

“And saying ‘all I want to be is a Princess’ and I’m thinking ‘urgghh, it’s not what you think’.

“I might not get it right but my wife said the most amazing explanation to that.

“I won’t get it right but it’s you don’t need to be a Princess, you can create your own life better than any Princess.

“And that’s coming from her own experience.

“When we got together and she was surprised at what it is really like.”

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