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Prince Harry gets standing ovation from US fans – ‘He’s ours now!’


Prince Harry gets standing ovation from US fans – ‘He’s ours now!’


Following his appearance at Global Citizen’s Vax Live: The Concert to Reunite the World, Prince Harry has been claimed by his American fans.

The Duke of Sussex made his return to the limelight at the star-studded Vax Live show in Los Angeles, where he came on stage without wife Meghan Markle to rapturous applause.

Harry is much more popular in the United States than his wife Meghan Markle, considering the fact that she was born and raised there.

In his first public address since the Duke of Edinburgh’s funeral, Prince Harry, 36, thanked the world’s frontline care staff at a concert in Los Angeles. When the Duke of Sussex took the stage, he was greeted with thunderous applause. A spectator was quoted as saying that Harry is “ours now”, according to royal expert Sam Rubin.

“This is how America treats human beings, unlike England treats Meghan,” one fan wrote in response to a video of the incident shared on Twitter.

During his address to the cheering crowd, Harry, 36, thanked the completely vaccinated frontline healthcare staff in the audience.


He said: “Tonight is a celebration of each of you here, the vaccinated frontline workers in the audience and the millions of frontline heroes around the world.

“You spent the last year battling courageously and selflessly to protect us all.

“You served and sacrificed, put yourselves in harm’s way, and acted with bravery, knowing the costs.”

“We owe you an incredible debt of gratitude. Thank you.”


It comes after royal analyst Angela Levin said that due to his “special talent,” Harry did not need a Green Card to work in the United States.

“He doesn’t need the Green Card, he already has the OK,” Ms Levin told talk RADIO.

“He got the ok which is reserved for people who are a unique, incredibly special talent.

“It’s done for a couple of pop stars before him and now he can easily go into that and not worry about a Green Card because he’s a senior member of the Royal Family.


The Queen, 94, remains one of the most popular royal personalities in the United States, with a favorable ranking of 61 percent compared to 19 percent of those who do not.

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