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How Kate Middleton earned the Queen’s respect


How Kate Middleton earned the Queen’s respect


In recent months, Kate has been a more visible member of the Royal Family. In the last  year, the Duchess of Cambridge has already completed many engagements, including a podcast appearance, a tour of Ireland, and a 24-hour sprint around the United Kingdom.

Kate Middleton has unquestionably cemented her place in the British royal family and snatched the spotlight from Meghan Markle and Prince Harry, particularly after their departure.

The Queen has praised the Duchess of Cambridge for her ‘keep calm’ attitude.

Kate also launched a national survey in January called 5 Big Questions on the Under Fives, which focused on the first five years of a child’s life and contributed to a better understanding of what Britons think is essential for their growth.

A royal source has now stated that the Duchess of Cambridge’s rapid increase in solo engagements is the culmination of years of her working away from the public eye.

“Kate is unflappable. Her mantra is very like the Queen’s keep calm and carry on approach in life, and she has the added benefit of making the Royal Family seem almost normal and in touch,” a source said.


Kate is also considered an expert, according to a source, after years of personal study and the formation of a steering committee in March 2018 to look at what can be done to make a meaningful change in the lives of children.

She wants to do more than just talk about the problem; she wants to create a solid evidence base for action. It’s tempting to ignore child development research as nice and cuddly, but the societal implications are just as important as climate change. She’s worked away quietly and become an expert in the field,” a source told the Daily Telegraph’s lifestyle magazine Stella.

Kate, who had previously shied away from public speaking, seemed to have gained confidence.

The Queen made a very public show of friendship to Kate at the end of last year. The queen bestowed the Royal Family Order on her granddaughter-in-law, the highest honor a female member of the family may receive.

“It sounds basic, but Kate’s built her confidence with her knowledge in this area,” an insider told Stella.

“Public speaking is much easier when you’ve got something you want to talk about.

“And this is a subject she has not only spent a great deal of time researching, but that she cares passionately about.”

Kate is having a great year, according to Claudia Joseph, who has written a book about her life.

She said: “It feels very much like this has been Kate’s year, she looks happy, in control and there’s a new confidence about her.”

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