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Prince Harry blaming everyone else for his problems



Prince Harry blaming everyone else for his problems


According to a royal analyst, Prince Harry is “hell-bent on blaming everyone else for his problems”, notably his father Charles.

The Duke of Sussex has acted “shamefully” in recent weeks, according to Robert Jobson, who was pals with Princess Diana and has published books on Philip and Charles.

He also cautioned that there’s a slim possibility Charles and Harry will ever reconcile due to concern that everything they say would be repeated “for commercial gain”

Mr Jobson chastised the Duke for his remarks on an edition of True Royalty’s The Royal Beat.

“I thought it was pathetic actually,” he said.

“He was hell-bent on blaming everyone else for his problems and mainly his father.


“He attacked his father, then he attacked his grandmother and shamefully his grandfather, who has just been buried.

“I understand why Harry has to make a living but does he have to make a living continuously whining on about his family and the woes he believes were inflicted upon him?”

He referred to Harry’s interviews as a “money-making exercise”

“Why should somebody who is cut off at 36 suddenly be coming out with all these TV shows and these things?” he wondered.

“Because he and his wife and his agents have worked out that they can make multi-millions of dollars.”

According to royal expert Robert Jobson, don’t expect a sitcom-style kiss-and-make-up moment between Prince Harry and his father, Prince Charles.

Jobson tells Page Six, “If we’re talking about building bridges, I can’t see many bridges being built whilst [Harry] wants to live it all out in the public domain.”

“I think that he does seem to want to capitalize, or cash in, on his discomfort — or what he claims to be his discomfort … How can a father build a relationship with his son if everything they say or will say is in public for commercial enrichment?”

Following the Duke of Sussex’s shocking new statements, insiders are now alleging that Prince Harry and Prince Charles’ relationship may be irreparably damaged.

Harry has appeared to criticize his father’s upbringing in a recent podcast appearance as well as his new docuseries The Me You Don’t See.

Charles is said to be terribly sad and “just at a loss” over his son, who lives in the United States with wife Meghan Markle.

“Father and son relations are at their lowest ever point,” a royal source told The Sun.

“Harry says he wants reconciliation, but has clearly decided to ­villainise his father. Charles is just at a loss about what to do.”

Parenting practices have “radically changed” since Harry’s upbringing, according to the source, which Harry hasn’t mentioned in his statements.

“It’s just so wounding to him [Charles], he’s a sensitive man and these personal attacks hurt deeply. He can’t understand why Harry is doing this to him.

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