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Prince Charles ‘still fuming’ over Harry, Meghan’s Oprah interview and ‘cannot bury the hatchet’


Prince Charles ‘still fuming’ over Harry, Meghan’s Oprah interview and ‘cannot bury the hatchet’


Prince Harry’s trip home did nothing to repair relations with his father and brother, with one royal watcher reporting that Prince Charles is “still fuming” about his son’s controversial Oprah Winfrey interview.

Despite news of peace negotiations, royal reporter and podcast host Christina Garibaldi says the Prince of Wales is still furious.

After the incendiary remarks he and wife Meghan Markle made in their tell-all interview with Oprah Winfrey, Prince Harry is yet to reconcile with his relatives. According to a source close to Prince Charles, he is still “fuming” at his son for openly criticizing the Royal Family. According to the source, Prince William is also hesitant to forgive his brother.

Last month, Harry moved to the UK for the first time in over a year to attend his grandfather Philip’s funeral.

Following the ceremony, the Duke of Sussex spent time with his father and brother, however it is believed that no progress was made and that ties remain tense.

“Prince Harry and Prince Charles did not resolve their differences when Harry returned to the UK,” a source allegedly told US Weekly’s Christina Garibaldi.


“They barely communicated.

“Charles is still fuming about Harry throwing shade at him and the royal family in the big interview and won’t let it drop.”

“But to be honest, Harry didn’t go running back to Charles begging for forgiveness either.”

Prince Harry opened up about his dispute with his older brother, saying that their relationship is currently in “space”

The Duke of Sussex even said that responsibilities have “trapped” his family.

According to royal author Phil Dampier, Harry’s talks with William and Charles were “very strained” and were merely a “opening move” to mend the royal rift.

“The discussions after Prince Philip’s funeral were a start, but were clearly very strained and only an opening move,” he told The Sun Online.

As per Ms Garibaldi, the source said Charles’ version of the monarchy will exclude Harry and Meghan.

“After the damage Harry has caused the family he firmly believes that his son doesn’t deserve the privilege of being a royal,” she is quoted as saying in the Daily Express.

Charles’ diminished Royal Family could omit Harry and the Sussexes, as well as Archie and his unborn sister, from the new lineup.

In March, Harry and Meghan talked with Oprah Winfrey regarding a series of problems they say they had inside the Firm.

The pair made a number of shocking accusations, including racism by an unidentified family member over their first born.

Angela Levin, a well-known royal biographer, also reports that the Prince of Wales is planning to “cut the monarchy down” in the future to save money.

According to the Mail Online, the senior royals may be reduced to Charles, Camilla, William, Kate, Princes George and Louis, and Princess Charlotte in a slimmed-down edition.

Others will be urged to seek alternative sources of income, and they may lose their widely coveted titles and patronages as a result.

In the summer, Harry will travel to the United Kingdom to unveil a statue dedicated to his late mother, Princess Diana.

The event is set for July 1, although the presence of the Duke of Sussex has yet to be confirmed.

On the 20th anniversary of Princess Diana’s passing, the brothers revealed the commission of the statue, and it is hoped that Harry’s expected return would be another meaningful move toward his reconciliation with his relatives.

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