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Photo of Meghan Markle posing with a Kate Middleton magazine cover resurfaces

Denise Cash posts a throw back photo of Meghan Markle holding a magazine cover with Kate Middleton on the front. Credit: Denise Cash/Instagram


Photo of Meghan Markle posing with a Kate Middleton magazine cover resurfaces


A resurfaced photo of Meghan Markle calls into question her statement that she was “naive” about the responsibilities of royal life before joining the family.

Meghan Markle posed with a magazine cover showcasing her eventual sister-in-law Kate Middleton long before she met Prince Harry.

The former actress is seen beaming as she holds a copy of Irish U Magazine and stands next to its deputy editor Denise Cash in the picture, which was taken two years before Meghan met Prince Harry.

The Duchess of Sussex, 39, said in a shocking interview with Oprah in March that she “didn’t grow up knowing much about the royal family.”

However, a 2014 image seems to prove otherwise.

Denise Cash posts a throw back photo of Meghan Markle holding a magazine cover with Kate Middleton on the front. Credit: Denise Cash/Instagram


Markle is seen clutching a magazine with a cover featuring the Duchess of Cambridge.

Royal fans discovered the stunning picture, which was made even more eye-catching by the headline that Kate was mistakenly expecting “TWINS.”

At the time, the Duchess of Sussex was an actress on Suits and had contributed to the publication she was carrying, supposedly writing about sunglasses.

The photograph was taken a few years before Meghan Markle began dating Prince Harry in 2016, and she had no idea that Kate would eventually become her sister-in-law.

It came four years before the sister-in-laws would ‘fall out,’ with Meghan explosively saying in her bombshell Oprah interview in March that Kate ‘made her cry’ over a fallout over bridesmaids dresses.

The notorious row with Prince William’s wife made headlines around the world following a rumored disagreement over flower girl outfits.

According to reports, Meghan left Kate in tears at Princess Charlotte’s bridesmaid dress fitting. However, she told Winfrey that the “reverse happened.”

Markle said that she did not share the details to be “disparaging,” but because it was “really important for people to understand the truth.”

“She’s a good person,” Markle added.

Ofcourse, there were going to be social media commentary about this.

One person tweeted, “She said she didn’t do any research on Harry or his family before she got married!  Was that because she was more interested in what Kate had?”

“She has stalked the royals for years!” wrote another.

Others, however, pointed out that the photo did not actually imply Meghan was royally obsessed.

“And the problem/controversy is?” one Twitter user asked, adding, “Kate happened to be on that cover.”

Meghan wrote about Kate on her now-defunct blog The Tig in the same year as the magazine shot, and she expressed her desire to be a princess.

She stated: “Grown women seem to retain this childhood fantasy. Just look at the pomp and circumstance surrounding the royal wedding and endless conversation about Princess Kate.”

Kate and Meghan’s relationship began well, with Meghan describing Kate as “wonderful,” “amazing” and a “great support” in her engagement interview.

It’s not the first time the photograph has surfaced, with royal fans sharing it in 2019 and in November 2017.

During the candid Oprah conversation, Meghan also disclosed that she suffered with her mental health and felt suicidal during her years as a working royal.

The Duke and Duchess of Cambridge were said to be greatly distressed by the interview, in which Prince Harry said Wills was “trapped” in the Firm while disclosing “conversations” with a member of the Royal Family about the skin color of his unborn child.

Accounts vary as to if the row was sparked by a debate about whether the bridesmaids should wear tights – Meghan allegedly thought they should not – or by Princess Charlotte’s dress not fitting.

‘Kate had only just given birth to her third child, Prince Louis, and was feeling quite ­emotional,’ a source said at the time.

Kate hasn’t said anything about the interview in public.

‘Was there a situation where she (Kate) might have cried? Or she could have cried?’ Oprah asked Meghan during the interview.

‘No, no,’ said the Duchess of Sussex. ‘The reverse happened. And I don’t say that to be disparaging to anyone, because it was a really hard week of the wedding.

‘And she was upset about something, but she owned it, and she apologised.

‘And she brought me flowers and a note, apologising. And she did what I would do if I knew that I hurt someone, right, to just take accountability for it.’

Meghan went on to say that it was ‘shocking’ that the’reverse of that would be out there in the world.’

‘A few days before the wedding, she was upset about something pertaining – yes, the issue was correct – about flower girl dresses, and it made me cry, and it really hurt my feelings,’ she added.

After stepping down as senior royals in March, the Duke and Duchess of Sussex are now residing in Santa Barbara.

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