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Obscenely Wealthy Meghan and Harry hit with Backlash over asking for donations on Archie’s birthday

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Obscenely Wealthy Meghan and Harry hit with Backlash over asking for donations on Archie’s birthday


As a way of honoring their son Archie’s second birthday, Prince Harry and his wife Meghan asked fans to donate money for Covid-19 vaccinations on Thursday.

“We have been deeply touched over the past two years to feel the warmth and support for our family in honor of Archie’s birthday,” the couple, who have renounced their royal duties and now live in California, wrote.


They thanked donors for their charitable contributions on Archie’s birthday in a letter written on the website of their Archewell non-profit foundation.


“Many of you donate to charities on his behalf, and mark the occasion by giving back or doing an act of service – all through the goodness of your hearts. You raise funds for those who need it most, and continue to do so organically and selflessly. We remain incredibly grateful.”



“This year, our world continues to be on the path to recovery from Covid-19. Yet too many families are still struggling with the impact of this pandemic,” they said, asking for donations for the purchase of vaccines for “families in the world’s most vulnerable places.”


“We will not be able to truly recover until everyone, everywhere, has equal access to the vaccine,” the pair, who co-hosted a concert to raise money for vaccination, added.



The Duke and Duchess, on the other hand, have not made any personal contributions.


George and Amal Clooney, their Hollywood friends, have committed more than $1 million (£803,000) to six Covid charities, along with several other stars who have also given millions.


Dolly Parton has been credited with helping to finance the invention of the Moderna vaccine.


Although Prince Harry’s involvement in the Vax Live event undoubtedly helped to raise awareness, others have criticized them for encouraging their fans to contribute without announcing their own donation.


One social media user ridiculed the pair for their “obscene wealth,” telling their followers to “celebrate the birthday of their fabulously privileged child” by contributing to vaccines.


“I wonder how much they donate themselves to these causes,” another wrote.


A third Twitter user compared it to “Robin Hood in reverse.”


Another person called it “crass” to “use their child to beg for money.”


When the pair contributed funds in the past, they made a public announcement.



Meghan Markle and Prince Harry may have made more than $204 million (£150 million) in multi-media deals with major companies including Netflix and Spotify. Some royal critics, on the other hand, referred to their financial choices as “tacky”


Meghan and Harry’s increasing “commercial activities” according to royal commentator Andrew Pierce on Good Morning Britain, make them sound like “royals for rent” or for hire.


Pierce also finds it hard to believe Meghan has invested in a superlatte brand endorsed on Instagram by none other than Oprah Winfrey. Her Majesty promptly halted her cousin’s business enterprise when Prince Michael of Kent did the same in America years before, according to the royal specialist.


Piers Morgan, a presenter and a writer for the Daily Mail, described Meghan and Harry as “two absurd ultra-woke freeloading chancers” who use their royal titles to win deals. Morgan claims that if the couple weren’t the Duke and Duchess of Sussex, they wouldn’t be able to secure such lucrative contracts.


Industry analysts believe Harry and Meghan could make billions after deciding to break away from the royal family’s financial ties. Their Netflix contract, which was signed and sealed in September, is said to be worth about $100 million. This allowed the couple to pay off the renovation costs of Frogmore Cottage, their home in the United Kingdom, where they lived for just a year.

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1 Comment

1 Comment

  1. Sally Walker

    May 17, 2021 at 2:19 am

    If Harry and Meagin were asking for donations for vaccinations here in the US- shame! They are free to the recipients- the Government said no one receiving one has to pay for the shots

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