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Meghan and Harry attacked for US interviews despite pleas for privacy

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Meghan and Harry attacked for US interviews despite pleas for privacy


Following Harry’s latest podcast chat, US political columnist Candace Owens slammed the Duke and Duchess of Sussex. The author wondered how many more times the couple, who retired from royal duties last year and relocated to the United States, would speak out.

“Sunday riddle: How many more Hollywood-style interviews will Prince Harry and Meghan Markle give before they finally achieve the privacy they claim to be so desperate for?” Ms Owens tweeted on Sunday.


Prince Harry and Meghan, Duchess of Sussex, are discovering that life in America is also fraught with scrutiny and critique.


While they plead for privacy, Prince Harry and Meghan Markle’s “ceaseless need for exposure” is hypocritical, according to a royal expert.



The remarks follow the duke’s appearance on the Armchair Expert podcast with actor Dax Shepherd and producer Monica Padman.


This comes after the Duke of Sussex made dramatic comments about his childhood and life as a prince.


After stepping down as senior royals and relocating to Los Angeles, Meghan and Harry have attracted a lot of public interest from all over the world.


Despite their need for a life away from the spotlight, the duo has signed deals with Netflix and Spotify, and they continue to do high-profile interviews.


Richard Fitzwilliams, a royal specialist, told the Sun Online: “His opening up in the past as a form of therapy has been beneficial to others.


“But why does he do it so publicly now? Why bare your soul in this way and to what end?


“The need for this ceaseless exposure to the media is obviously hypocritical for a couple who are supposedly obsessed with privacy.”


In addition, Harry has received criticism for previous remarks he made regarding the First Amendment.

He then said, “I’ve got so much I want to say about the First Amendment as I sort of understand it, but it is bonkers.”

“For Prince Harry to condemn the USA’s First Amendment shows he has lost the plot. Soon he will not be wanted on either side of the pond,” Brexit leader Nigel Farage tweeted.

“Well I just doubled the size of my Independence Day party,” Texas Republican Rep. Dan Crenshaw said.

Sean Hannity of Fox News slammed Prince Harry, branding him a “right royal pain in the a**.”

‘Harry, we really don’t need you coming from England to give us lectures on the First Amendment.

‘And if you can’t understand the importance of free expression and the importance of Constitutional principles that allow for a free exchange of ideas and opinions that make America the greatest country on earth then maybe it’s time for you to move to a place more compatible with your restrictive ideas.

‘This is what public figures in America go through.’

Meghan McCain added her two cents to the conversation, tweeting, “We fought a war in 1776 so we don’t have to care what you say or think. That being said, you have chosen to seek refuge from your homeland here and thrive because all of what our country has to offer and one of the biggest things is the 1st amendment—show some utter respect.”

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