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Meghan Markle ‘is faking love with Prince Harry,’ Germaine Greer fears

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Meghan Markle ‘is faking love with Prince Harry,’ Germaine Greer fears


While the Sussexes have been enjoying the peace and quiet of Canada, apparently spending their days practicing yoga, cooking together, and taking long walks with their dogs, the world is still watching Harry and Meghan with bated breath, waiting for their next move.

The notorious feminist told Australian broadcaster 60 Minutes that she was skeptical of the Duchess’s authenticity in her marriage, and that the consequence is “likely to be disastrous”

Her ominous prediction was based on the notion that Meghan would call it quits due to boredom and pressure, adding: “But maybe she’ll take Harry with her.”

“All I can think is she’d better be in love.”

“If she’s been faking it all this time, oh boy, what misery. How many orgasms will it take? How many fake groans will get her through this?”  Greer’s remarks follow Prince Harry and Meghan Markle’s decision to resign from the Royal Family last month.

According to Germaine Greer, a well-known feminist and author, though the pair will not be welcomed back soon, their future in the UK and abroad remains unknown.


Greer went on to describe their wedding – and their choice to invite celebrity guests – ‘terrible,’ adding, ‘The marriage was terrible too, because it was full of showbiz personalities, as if Meghan lived in a completely artificial world.’

‘The whole point about showbiz – it’s not real, and it won’t sustain you.’

Greer revealed to 60 Minutes The Duchess’ ability to influence her husband in order to climb the “celebrity” ladder was on display at their lavish £32 million wedding, which was “full of showbiz.”

Since leaving their positions as senior royals, it has been rumored that Megan is seeking for an agency in preparation for a future comeback to show business, with Harry being captured on camera selling his wife as a voice over artist to Disney CEO Bob Iger.

Many believe their self-imposed exile was a ruse orchestrated by the “fame-hungry” former Suits actress in order to return to Hollywood.


Greer’s skepticism was echoed by Prince Harry’s official biographer, Angela Levin, who stated on Sunday that the Duke’s desire to make his wife happy was “to the detriment of himself,” and that Meghan’s obsession with stardom was to blame for her unpopularity, not racism.

“I think a lot of the criticism has come about because she sort of lectures the public on how they should behave, but not do it herself,” Levin said.

Trisha Goddard, who also spoke to 60 Minutes on Sunday, contended that the couple’s migration to Canada was motivated by racial undercurrents in the UK.

“There’s a narrative that’s been here long before Meghan Markle, which bubbled to the surface about this,” she told reporter Tom Steinfort.

“There are ways of saying things you know about, ‘Them, exotic’. A lot of it is also very misogynistic, ‘Oh, she’s got Harry wrapped around her finger.’”

The television host went on to say that the choice to stand down from royal responsibilities was most likely taken by Harry.

Greer’s startling comments came as the Duke and Duchess made their first public appearance after the royal wedding.

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