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Tom Cruise ‘not allowed’ to have contact with daughter Suri, Former Scientologist Claims

Tom Cruise and Suri Cruise. VCG/Getty Images; James Devaney/Getty Images


Tom Cruise ‘not allowed’ to have contact with daughter Suri, Former Scientologist Claims


Tom Cruise is unable to have any kind of contact with his youngest daughter, Suri, because of his association with the Church of Scientology, according to a report in the Us Weekly by a former Scientologist.

Tom Cruise last appeared in public with Suri in 2013, a year after his ex-wife Katie Holmes surprised him by filing for divorce.

Samantha Domingo, who left Scientology in 2004, told the newspaper that Cruise was only keeping up appearances and that he is supposedly forbidden from having any contact with her since she is not a Scientologist.

“Maybe he did it for the photo op to make it seem like he was connected, so he wouldn’t be criticized,” she said.

Members of the Church, according to Domingo, believe in reincarnation and believe that “Suri’s not really his daughter — she’s just a spiritual being in his daughter’s body.”

Meanwhile, the Mission: Impossible star and ex-wife Nicole Kidman have a close relationship with their two oldest children, Isabella, 26, and Connor, 24, both Scientologists.


Suri is often photographed with Holmes. They’ve been spotted together walking around New York City or at events like Z100’s Jingle Ball in 2017. Suri is periodically photographed by Holmes and posted on her Instagram account, showing her to be a bright, confident, and outgoing young lady.

A Church official denied Domingo’s assertion in a statement.

They said that “Everything about your inquiry misrepresents the Church of Scientology, its practices, and the lifestyle of the ministry,”

Domingo, the daughter-in-law of famous opera singer Placido Domingo, has lately given additional interviews in which she has revealed information regarding how Scientology’s doctrines and practices have influenced the personal lives of celebrities such as Cruise and John Travolta. In 2017, Domingo published the book “Je Suis a Cult Whistleblower: Scientology Kills.”

This isn’t the first time Cruise has been accused of having little contact with his daughter.

Last year, reports indicated that the movie star is only allowed to visit Suri 10 days a month, but he chooses not to.

Katie, 40, on the other hand, made it plain that her daughter is her top concern. “My child is the most important person to me, and her upbringing is paramount to my work right now. It’s very important that I’m present, and she has a stable, innocent childhood,”  she told Town & Country magazine.

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  1. Slow&Relaxed

    October 8, 2021 at 2:50 am

    You have not accurately characterized Scientology’s (dumbass) belief that children are fully realized adults in smaller bodies. So children in Scientology are treated like adults with potential impulse control issues. This has nothing specific to do with any one child… all children are “like that” according to Scientology and Scientology separates children from parents as much as possible, if the parents and children are living in a Scientology controlled space rather than just any random neighborhood. And because these fully realized adults live in these smaller bodies, they don’t need school because they have already been to school in previous lives. So children work 8 or 10 hours a day at menial jobs when they live with their parents at Scientology facilities. Scientology tells followers that they are the only thing that can save the world and that their work in the world is of utmost importance. Most people who leave Scientology leave after they realize that all of the “important work” Scientology tells them is happening in the world doing in the world amounts to ZERO work in the world. Scientology is mind control for money and power. Nothing more. The “leader” of the cult bullies the rest of the leadership into compliance even after they realize the truth… that Scientology is doing nothing at all to “save the earth”.

  2. MeanMamaBear

    October 11, 2021 at 8:34 pm

    I wouldn’t care if Jesus himself told me not to associate with my children! No force between heaven and Earth could tear me away from my children. Any person, government, or religion that would enforce rules to separate loving parents from their children is vile and corrupt. Only pure evil would look at children as adults and attempt to separate the vulnerable from the people who were put this Earth to protect them. Absolutely foul and DISGUSTING!

  3. AlternativetoMainstream

    October 15, 2021 at 2:23 pm

    I wholeheartedly agree w/ you, Mean Mama Bear. I think Tom only cares about Tom. Look at how he divorced first wife Mimi Rogers when she couldn’t have or didn’t choose to have children. Then, there was his absolutely callous behaviour toward Nicole Kidman when they were divorcing (w/ rumours swirling that she may have had a miscarriage during that time). It makes sense that he would have good relationships w/ his children w/ Nicole because they’re both Scientologists, too. Although I’m sure Katie would like Tom’s involvement in Suri’s life, of course I can’t speak for her, but I’m sure that w/ his Scientologist beliefs, she’s just as happy without Tom being in Suri’s life.
    I watched his films when I was younger. But, after his sofa jumping episode on Oprah over Katie, I stopped, no matter how good the film may have looked. I definitely belief that Scientology is a cult and yet I haven’t seen John Travolta get any bad press over his belief or the way in which he handled his son’s, then wife’s deaths.
    Also, starting w/ Mimi, I’ve always felt that Tom chose his wives solely to be the incubators of his children. It always struck me as somewhat karmic that Nicole was able to have children w/o adopting (not that there’s anything wrong w/ adoption – I myself am an adoptee) w/ Keith. Basically I have NO respect for Tom whatsoever.

  4. danita center

    December 5, 2021 at 9:22 pm

    I dont think I can say it any better than ‘Mean Mama Bear’ did. I blame the evil forces of that religion he’s all messed up in. Who knows what kind of person Tom would’ve been if that church hadn’t got their claws in. I know it happens in life, some entity with a powerful force grabs people and twists their minds up and leaves themselves helpless to pull away. There is a special place in hell for them. Just know that.

  5. Lee Marti

    December 14, 2021 at 8:55 pm

    You know who else sees children this way? PEDIFILES…

  6. World Court

    June 8, 2022 at 1:01 am

    Suri and Katie are much better off to keep their distance.
    Battling with an ex like him would be worse than a nightmare. I was in a similar situation after I kicked my ex to the curb, and I was very grateful he disappeared into the proverbial ether, as there were no longer any battles over raising our son.
    The thing with Suri is that she will grow up to resent her father’s foolish abandonment of her. Hopefully, the girl won’t have lifelong issues from that abandonment.

  7. Gael n’haLee

    June 8, 2022 at 7:29 am

    Imperative to control “believers”= Cult. Benignly exhorting huge sums of money from them= Cult. I can’t stand Tom Cruise.

  8. John

    June 9, 2022 at 8:13 pm

    Maybe they showed him something this world cant comprehend yet. With his stardom, the’y said, “…let’s show Him!”…bamn, no way u can say it’s not true, no matter wat, he personally witnessed it. Then to him ur crazy. Remember, he takes a lot of risks in his movies…I wonder why no fear…., huh!!!

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