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‘Disgusted’ Prince Harry falls head-first from horse in polo match and throws tantrum

Photo credit: METRO


‘Disgusted’ Prince Harry falls head-first from horse in polo match and throws tantrum


During a charity tournament in the Caribbean yesterday, Prince Harry suffered a heart-stopping, head-first fall off his polo steed.

Harry rolled a couple of times, but only his pride was harmed, and he tossed his mallet to the ground, removing his helmet and punching it.


Photo credit: METRO

Fortunately, the 25-year-old prince was able to dive forward and do an athletic roll, reducing the force of his landing on the Barbados’ rock-hard field.

However, after the match, the prince revealed why he was acting so strangely.


‘The reason why I was throwing my mallet down was because I met this nice businessman at dinner last night who offered me $50,000 for Sentebale if I fell off my horse today.

‘His wife turned round and said ‘that’s a bit harsh, you should give him $100,000 if he stays on.’ And he agreed.

‘So when I fell off, I threw down my mallet and shouted: “What a waste of $100,000!” I was furious with myself.

‘Fortunately this extremely generous gentleman has already been in touch and told us that it was the clear that the horse fell over, rather than I fell off it, so he was happy to honour the $100,000. What a star!

‘It’s been an exhausting trip – I feel like I have been here a month not two days – but absolutely rewarding.

‘Everyone from our local supporters to the Barbados government have bent over backwards to make this work for Sentebale. People have dug so deep in their pockets.

‘It looks like we may have raised £500,000 for the vulnerable children of Lesotho, so I couldn’t be more pleased.

‘We are going to try to take the Sentebale Cup around the world but will definitely be coming back to Barbados as we have started it here and the island has such a special place in our hearts.’

Harry, 25, was taking part in the first Sentebale Polo Cup — a sports event that will become an annual fundraising staple for the royal charity Sentebale – at an elite polo club on the Caribbean island.

‘I’m a bit sore but it was all for a good cause so it was worthwhile in the end,’ Harry said after the fall.

‘Basically the horse slipped from underneath me, which does happen occasionally and is a but unfortunate.

‘It probably looks very dramatic because I was trying to throw myself clear of the horse. I’m a bit sore but the horse is ok though.’

Sentebale is a charity Harry co-founded in memory of his late mother, Princess Diana. The organization helps HIV/AIDS-affected children in Africa.

The Prince led his squad in a hard-fought battle against South African opponents, which his team ultimately won.

The 1,200 ticket match was sold out and is anticipated to earn more than £100,000 for the charity.

According to the BBC, Harry subsequently showed off his dancing skills at a Haiti aid fundraiser on Barbados, swaying to the Calypso rhythm in exchange for a $2,500 contribution from the event’s attendees.

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