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How Eddie Murphy was tricked into becoming a father


How Eddie Murphy was tricked into becoming a father


Actor and comedian Eddie Murphy has spoken out against former Spice Girl Mel B, claiming that she tricked him into fathering their daughter Angel.

In an interview, the Nutty Professor star claimed that Mel insisted she was on birth control during their three-month fling in 2006, and that they only had sx three times.

According to a source, Murphy believes that “what was supposed to be a casual relationship ended with her having his baby and taking him to court for millions.”

Although Murphy accepts Angel as his daughter, he has no desire to see her because he does not want to have any contact with Mel.

“He says he will have to wait until Angel is older before he can get to know her without any interference from her mother,” said the source.

The couple’s relationship ended in the summer of 2006, and Mel revealed she was pregnant shortly afterward. Angel was born on April 3, 2007, which is also Murphy’s birthday.

According to legal papers filed by Murphy, Mel allegedly asked him for a $9 million (£4.5 million) house and 18 years of living expenses in exchange for her silence while she was pregnant.

Murphy refused, and since then, he has refused to see the baby or Mel.

The two have been entangled in a bitter child support battle ever since, with Mel publicly accusing Murphy of not supporting Angel.

However, Murphy’s lawyers insist that he paid Mel $15,000 (£7,500) per month and covered all of her medical expenses during her pregnancy.

The couple’s doomed relationship has been shrouded in secrecy until now, with the details emerging in legal papers. Murphy claims that Mel tricked him into fatherhood, and that he had no idea she was not using birth control.

The comedian had always insisted that he was not the father of Angel, and demanded a DNA test. However, when the results came back positive, he accepted the child as his own.

According to sources close to Murphy, he does not have any animosity toward Angel and wishes her all the best.

However, he does not want to see her while she is still a baby, as he does not want to have any contact with Mel.

The comedian believes that he was tricked into fatherhood and that he has been unfairly vilified in the press for not supporting Angel.

Mel, on the other hand, has accused Murphy of abandoning his daughter and refusing to provide financial support.

She has also claimed that Murphy has never seen Angel and has no interest in being a part of her life.

The former Spice Girl has been very vocal about her struggles with raising Angel on her own, and has often criticized Murphy in the media.

Despite the bitter child support battle between the two, Angel has been thriving under Mel’s care.

The former Spice Girl has been very protective of her daughter and has been careful to shield her from the media spotlight.

While Murphy has not been a part of Angel’s life, she has been surrounded by love from her mother and her mother’s family.

As for Murphy, he is currently in a long-term relationship with Australian actress Paige Butcher, and the couple has two children together.

The actor has largely remained silent on his relationship with Mel and Angel, and it is unclear if he will ever change his mind about seeing his daughter.

For now, the comedian is focused on his career and his family, and is content to let the child support battle with Mel play out in the courts.

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