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Jay-Z admits to cheating on Beyonce


Jay-Z admits to cheating on Beyonce


Jay-Z, the rapper and music mogul, has candidly spoken about his infidelity in his marriage to singer, Beyonce.

In a recent interview with The New York Times Style Magazine, Jay-Z spoke about his personal struggles, including his past issues that contributed to him “shutting down emotionally.”

He admitted that this led to infidelity in his relationships, including with Beyonce.

“The hardest thing is seeing pain on someone’s face that you caused, and then have to deal with yourself,” he reflected.

The rapper spoke about how he went into “survival mode,” which resulted in him being unable to emotionally connect with others.

Both Jay-Z and Beyonce have hinted at the rapper’s infidelity in their music.

In Jay-Z’s album, 4:44, he apologizes for “womanizing” and in Beyonce’s album, Lemonade, she sings about “Becky with the good hair.”

Jay-Z revealed that he and Beyonce had initially planned to do a joint album to work through their issues, but ended up producing separate albums instead.

“We were using our art almost like a therapy session. And we started making music together. And then the music she was making at that time was further along,” he said.

Despite rumors of infidelity and the infamous #elevatorgate incident, Jay-Z suggested that he and Beyonce could have avoided divorce by seeking therapy to deal with his past experiences.

He stated, “You know, most people walk away, and, like, the divorce rate is like 50% or something ’cause most people can’t see themselves.”

The rapper also spoke about his relationship with fellow musician, Kanye West.

He described their relationship as “complicated” and acknowledged that they have had their challenges, but emphasized that they still love each other.

“I [talked to] Kanye the other day, just to tell him, like, he’s my brother. I love Kanye. I do. It’s a complicated relationship with us,” he said.

Kanye West left Jay-Z’s streaming service, Tidal, due to a money dispute, and publicly ranted about Jay-Z during a concert.

Jay-Z admitted that he is not a perfect human being and acknowledged that there have been incidents from both sides that have caused strain in their relationship.

He expressed hope that in the future, they will look back and laugh about their challenges.

Overall, Jay-Z’s interview offered a rare glimpse into his personal life, including his marriage to Beyonce and his relationship with Kanye West.

He candidly spoke about his struggles, including his infidelity, and how he has worked to overcome them through therapy and the use of music as a form of therapy.

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