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Billie Eilish unfollows YouTuber Tana Mongeau


Billie Eilish unfollows YouTuber Tana Mongeau


Tana Mongeau is a popular YouTuber and a massive fan of singer Billie Eilish.

In November 2018, Mongeau tweeted “I spend every second of my free time watching Billie Eilish performances and interviews.”

A few weeks later, she wrote, “When Billie Eilish isn’t active on Instagram, I feel empty.”

Imagine Mongeau’s disappointment when Eilish unfollowed her on Instagram. Mongeau’s pain inspired her to create a 15-minute video titled “Billie Eilish unfollowed me.”

In the video, Mongeau shows her interactions with Eilish, including comments on Mongeau’s Instagram post about her engagement to Jake Paul.

Eilish wrote “eek” and “yikes” in response, and declined an invitation to the wedding.


Mongeau also showed her conversation with her manager, Jordan Worona, about the unfollow, to which Worona responded, “It’s probably the worst thing you’ve ever said in your career. It’s over.”

The video then shows Mongeau playing a sad, acoustic version of Eilish’s song “When the Party’s Over” on the piano, with shots of Mongeau crying, mopping her walls and fridge, eating on the floor, and drinking red wine.

Mongeau also pours red wine under her eyes to mimic Eilish’s iconic video.

In May, Mongeau uploaded a video titled “I DRESSED LIKE BILLIE EILISH FOR A WEEK Billie was mad” where she dressed like Eilish for a week.

In her latest video, Mongeau shows her sadness by filming herself in the bath wearing Eilish-inspired clothing and crying on the roof of her house while singing.

Mongeau also made a spoof apology video to Eilish in the middle of the video.

She said, “I just wanted to start off by saying I’m sorry… I’m really sorry to Billie, to the Billie Eilish fandom. I know Billie unfollows people and then refollows people to keep her following at 666 but I didn’t know when the party was going to be over, you know?”

Mongeau can only hope to be refollowed by Eilish. She recently posted a cryptic tweet, “Guess now I’ll just wonder why.”

Mongeau’s latest video is filled with satirical references and is a humorous take on the disappointment of being unfollowed by a celebrity she admires.

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