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Alexandra Daddario Jumps Off A Cliff In A Bikini

Daddario shared a heartfelt message for Form on Instagram shortly after their engagement. Instagram


Alexandra Daddario Jumps Off A Cliff In A Bikini


Actress Alexandra Daddario recently impressed fans by performing a daring cliff jump while wearing a bikini.

The star of TV and film shared a video of the feat on social media, and received praise from her followers, including actor Adam Devine.

Daddario had been enjoying a beach vacation with her partner, film producer Andrew Form, and had previously mentioned to InStyle that she had a lot of beach days planned.

The cliff jump was a bold move, and Daddario joked that she would tell her children that she jumped from a height of 100 feet.

Although she looked a bit nervous before the jump, she eventually took the plunge and appeared to be a pro as she entered the water.

Daddario’s adventure was reminiscent of the popular TV show Baywatch, and her choice of a bikini also invoked memories of the show White Lotus.


In fact, Daddario and Form recently attended the premiere of White Lotus, where they walked the red carpet together.

The couple has been enjoying a variety of water-based activities during their vacation, and the cliff jump was just one of their adventures.

Despite her initial nerves, Daddario ultimately performed the cliff jump with confidence and skill.

Actor Adam Devine joked in the comments section that it was a moment of “freak athleticism.”

Daddario’s fearless attitude and athletic ability could come in handy if she decides to participate in a show like The Amazing Race, a reality competition that was once hosted by White Lotus creator Mike White.

Daddario maintains an active social media presence.

In addition to sharing updates about her acting career, Daddario also posts videos of her personal life on YouTube, where she frequently appears with her friend Kate Easton and engages in a variety of activities.

Despite the fact that her character in White Lotus, Rachel Patton, didn’t get up to many outdoor adventures during the show, which was filmed in Hawaii, Daddario clearly has a sense of adventure and isn’t afraid to take risks.

In an interview with InStyle earlier this month, the actress mentioned that she had some travel planned with Form and that they would be spending a lot of time by the beach.

She said, “I’m on a plane with my partner [film producer Andrew Form]. We are going to a beach where, like Shane and Rachel [from White Lotus]. We are going to lay by a pool and stuff ourselves at the breakfast buffet, only with a lot more love, better sex, and excellent communication.”

It’s clear that Daddario and Form are enjoying their vacation and making the most of their time together.

Whether they are relaxing by the pool or taking on more thrilling activities like cliff jumping, the couple seems to be having a great time.

And with Daddario’s impressive athletic abilities, there’s no telling what other adventures they might embark on in the future.

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