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Alexandra Daddario leaves fans worried with new Instagram post

Alexandra Daddario attends the Closing Night Gala Screening Of ‘Nomis’ held at ArcLight Hollywood on September 28, 2018 in Hollywood, Los Angeles, California. Xavier Collin/Image Press Agency/MEGA


Alexandra Daddario leaves fans worried with new Instagram post


Alexandra Daddario puzzled her fans with a surprise Instagram photo on Sunday.

The San Andreas actress frequently uses her Instagram account to post behind-the-scenes images and work updates.

Alexandra said that some items, such as clothing, shoes, and jewelry, no longer make sense to her.

While the majority of her fans commended her for her opinions, some believed she wasn’t fine.

Along with the photo, she wrote: “Night shoot day off all dressed up; put on hat, color coordinated mask to outfit. Still haven’t worn shoes in weeks unless required for work. I don’t know why I own pants anymore. Or jewelry. I actually saw a pair of jeans in my luggage and wasn’t sure what they were. Decided to put them on, and honestly, why did we ever wear those things in the first place?”









Alexandra Daddario Reveals How ‘True Detective’ Changed her Career


Image via HBO

Alexandra Daddario has said that she feels True Detective has impacted her career.

In Season 1 of the HBO drama, Daddario plays Lisa Tragnetti, a court reporter who becomes entangled with Woody Harrelson’s Martin Hart. Daddario already had a slew of jobs lined up for her at the time, but her stint on True Detective opened the door to many more options, considerably raising her reputation in the industry.

During a July interview with The Collider, Daddario reflected on her time working on the show, saying she never expected to garner the reception she got from the brief stint.

“The largest successes I’ve had in my profession, I didn’t count on or they have been fully out of the blue,” Daddario said. “And the most important jobs I’ve booked, I had no idea that I used to be gonna guide them..”

“So I’ve tried to keep up my sanity or no matter my viewpoint on life is, I strive to not put too many expectations on issues. I do have extra data and understanding of monitoring and the way issues are gonna work, however True Detective, for instance, which I’m certain we’ll get to, it’s like, I didn’t see what was gonna occur from that coming in any respect.”

She added: “I don’t even think I was invited to that premiere. I didn’t go to the premiere of that show and then it ended up being a huge thing for my career. So you just never know what’s gonna happen, so I just try to do the best I can in whatever I choose to do and that’s it.”

Daddario has previously described her decision to join True Detective as a “tactical decision,” and she has expounded on the plan she was pursuing by doing so:

“The tactical decision was, I went in for the audition and they seemed vaguely interested, and it was for a different role and I was like, ‘Well, they’re vaguely interested and I love these actors and I love Cary Fukunaga and I want to be in this show, so let me force them to hire me.’ [Laughs] I thought I need something on my resume that shows that I can do something different, or something. I just thought it would look good on my resume. That was where I sort of was at at that point. And that would look to Hollywood like, ‘Oh, she’s doing something different!’”

Daddario received a call from her manager after taking on the job and garnering notice for it.

“That episode aired and my manager called, and I’ll never forget it, I was sitting on my boyfriend’s couch and she calls me in the morning after the episode aired and she was like, ‘The phone’s been ringing off the hook all morning. The phone won’t stop ringing!'” Daddario recalled. “And all of a sudden, everyone in town wanted to meet with me and then I booked San Andreas.”


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