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Diane Keaton Rejected Warren Beatty’s Proposal and He ‘Took It Out on Her’

Warren Beatty and Diane Keaton in 1978 (Image: GETTY)


Diane Keaton Rejected Warren Beatty’s Proposal and He ‘Took It Out on Her’


Diane Keaton is one of Hollywood’s remarkable stars. She is noted for her unique personality and fashion flair, and has received several prizes and distinctions over her decades-long career.

“Hampstead,” “The Big Wedding,” and “The Godfather” are just a few of the films in which she has appeared. Keaton has made news for her love relationships, in addition to her great movie performances and honors.

Woody Allen, Warren Beatty, Jack Nicholson, and Al Pacino are among the men she dated.

In the 1981 film “Reds,” Diane Keaton played Warren Beatty’s girlfriend. Off-screen, the two had a relationship, however it did not endure.

Years later, she continues to fawn about Beatty, describing him as “beautiful, gorgeous, and sexy.” Keaton described her sentiments about Beatty the first time she met him in a 2016 interview with Variety. The actress said:

“The first time I saw Warren was in ‘Splendor in the Grass’ in 1961. I mean, come on! He was, I mean, to die for. A Dream. I mean, ‘Bonnie and Clyde?’ Come on.”

After a while, the two began dating, and it seemed like a match made in heaven. Beatty, according to Keaton, was a smart character. He was complicated and engaging, according to her. Regrettably, the relationship came to an end not long after.

Beatty and Keaton remained friends despite their disagreements. According to People, the former adored the actress. He described Keaton as a mix of candor, wit, attractiveness, intellect, and fairness. Above all, she had a fantastic sense of humour.

New information about Keaton and Beatty’s affair surfaced many years after their relationship ended. Keaton has previously said that none of the men she has dated had proposed to her.

Keaton did, however, get a marriage proposal from Beatty, according to actress Miriam Margolyes. Margolyes recounted an incident while shooting “Reds”.

Miriam Margolyes said she responded after seeing Warren Beatty’s treatment of Diane Keaton (Image: GETTY)

She said she saw Beatty forcing Keaton, who played Louise Bryant, to reshoot a sequence 50 times despite executing it correctly the first time. She said that Beatty’s attitude toward Keaton stemmed from a disagreement they had during their relationship. According to Margolyes:

“Diane had refused his marriage proposal, and he took it out on her.”

Miriam spoke of her strange first experience with the celebrity, revealing that she once “mooned” at him during their working relationship, which she attributed to his treatment of The First Wives Club actress Diane Keaton, 75.

She said: “I mooned at him once and the expression of shocked surprise frozen on his face still tickles me even now, but he completely deserved it.

“Mooning is a powerful tool; a bottom is not threatening; it’s rude, amusing but unmistakable.”

After seeing Warren force Diane, who portrayed Louise Bryant in the film, reshoot a sequence many times, the actress revealed that she had conducted the “amusing” deed.

“I can’t remember why I did it, but probably because he made Diane Keaton do 50 takes of a shot she did perfectly well first time,” Miriam continued.

Miriam claims: “Diane had refused his marriage proposal and he took it out on her.

“She was completely delightful, totally without grandeur. One of my top ‘faves’,” she divulged. (sic)

Margolyes stated she laughed every time she recalled the incident. Beatty “completely deserved it,” the actress thought, and she had no regrets for her conduct.

According to Contactmusic, Diane Keaton believes it would have been better for her adopted children to have a father role.

Dexter, her daughter, was adopted in 1996, and Duke, her son, was adopted in 2001.

“As a parent I provide all I can, but I think in the best possible scenario you need to have a man. I think it was just my whole life. How I responded first to boys and then to men. It had nothing to do with reality. Relationships are hard. You’re lucky if you find someone,” Keaton said.


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