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Why Phoebe Cates Quit Acting

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Why Phoebe Cates Quit Acting


Phoebe Cates grew up in a showbiz household. Her father, Broadway producer Joseph Cates, helped establish the notorious 1950s quiz program The $64,000 Question. Gilbert Cates, her uncle, was a film director and a long-time producer of the Academy Awards program.

But celebrities are subjected to a great deal of stress. Although the profession may seem to be glamorous and enjoyable, the reality is that spending your life in the limelight — not to mention juggling arduous shooting and performance schedules — takes a toll.

When Phoebe Cates was 17 years old, she appeared in Fast Times at Ridgemont High, which launched her career in Hollywood. Cates’ performance in the film drew a lot of notice, and it helped establish her acting career. She went on to participate in other notable 1980s films including Gremlins and Drop Dead Fred.

Cates, on the other hand, eventually departed Hollywood.

Between 1994 and her last onscreen job, Cates experienced a significant break in her acting career. The actor last appeared starred in Fast Time at Ridgemont High co-star and close friend Jennifer Jason Leigh’s 2001 film The Anniversary Party. Cates hasn’t been on film since then, only reappearing in 2015 to contribute her voice to the computer game Lego Dimensions in her Gremlins role. Despite making an impact on Hollywood, Cates only starred in around 20 films and TV episodes throughout her short career.

Cates began modeling at the age of ten and received her first film role at the age of seventeen in the 1982 remake of Blue Lagoon, Paradise. In the same year, she created a reputation for herself by removing her top in Fast Times at Ridgemont High, establishing herself as the decade’s iconic pin-up girl.

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Her next major appearance was in the Gremlins series as wholesome girlfriend Kate.

Bright Lights, Big City, Shag, and Drop Dead Fred were among her later features. Cates discreetly terminated her acting career in 1994, after playing the lead in the box-office flop Princess Caraboo, following 12 films in 12 years.

So, why did Phoebe Cates decide to call it a day? It’s a subject that has perplexed admirers of the actress and moviegoers throughout the world, given she had a stellar career and was never short of high-profile roles.

While many superstars fade away over time, Cates’ abrupt absence at the pinnacle of her success was notable. She chose to concentrate on her family.

Cates began performing when she was 17 years old, and by the time she left the stage, her objectives and emphasis had transformed. She married fellow actor Kevin Kline in 1989.

They had a growing family by 1991, according to Country Living, when they had their first child, a boy called Owen. They had their daughter Greta in 1994, at the same time that Cates ceased acting in movies.

Their 31st wedding anniversary was recently celebrated by the pair. When Phoebe was auditioning for The Big Chill alongside Kevin, they first met. Despite the fact that she didn’t receive the part, she and the actor hit it off immediately and have been dating ever since.

They were supposed to take turns finding acting jobs so they could spend equal time with their kids, but Phoebe decided that being a full-time parent was more her pace.

The renowned family’s move to Manhattan’s Upper East Side worked out nicely for them since Cates avoided the spotlight. According to Country Living, the Kline family in New York City “maintain an intentionally low profile at home”

The Hollywood pair, on the other hand, has been seen together at New York Knicks games, generally sitting courtside and laughing.

In 2005, Cates launched Blue Tree on Madison Avenue. Her ambition, she stated on the shop’s website, was for it to “to have it be like a general store but according to me.” The shop specializes on one-of-a-kind apparel, accessories, jewelry, and home goods. Cates characterized Blue Tree to Travel + Leisure in 2009 as a “mom-and-pop store without the pop.” Her spouse, on the other hand, assisted in the creation of the store’s name, which is a reference to Fauvist paintings’ blue trees.


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