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Meghan Markle could pass on ‘shocking’ genetic condition to Archie, Lilibet

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Meghan Markle could pass on ‘shocking’ genetic condition to Archie, Lilibet


The Duchess of Sussex might pass down a hereditary condition to Meghan Markle and Prince Harry’s children.

Photographs of the Duchess of Sussex taken during a visit to The National Theatre while she was pregnant with Lilibet showed that she has hypermobile joints, which she might pass on to her child.

“People with hypermobility are often able to move their limbs in ways others can’t, much like the photo in which Meghan’s thumb appears bent uncomfortably,” said osteopath Anisha Joshi in a recent interview with Hello! Magazine.

“It means that some or all of a person’s joints can have an unusually large range of movement,” she continued.

It’s far from certain that Lillibet and Archie will inherit the disease – Meghan hasn’t even acknowledged she has it – but based on the osteopath’s statement, it’s more than likely.

“Hypermobility is a hereditary condition with the main cause of it being genetically determined changes to collagen, a type of protein in the body found in ligaments, to support them. Not enough collagen in the body can make joints loose and stretchy.”


She also stated that it should not be a source of concern for Prince Harry and Meghan, and she even suggested some things for them to do.

“Many people with hypermobility don’t experience pain, and strength training is great to keep symptoms at bay – such as joints popping out or dislocating.”

Hypermobility is a hereditary disease caused by a genetic defect in collagen, a protein that cushions and protects our joints, enabling them to move freely and painlessly.

Lillibet, Archie, and other prospective victims would not have persistent pain, but their joints would have a greater range of motion.

Meghan’s hypermobile joints may explain why she’s so adept at yoga, as seen by photos published on lifestyle site The Tig.

If she did have the disease, it may have helped her accomplish difficult maneuvers like the bow position and mermaid pose, which both demand a lot of joint flexibility.

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1 Comment

1 Comment

  1. terre

    December 7, 2021 at 6:18 pm

    Then why bring it up and have title that sounds so dire? It doesn’t concern anyone.

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