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Meghan Markle’s mother Doria Ragland Lands a new job


Meghan Markle’s mother Doria Ragland Lands a new job


Doria Ragland, the Duchess of Sussex’s mother, has been named the Head of an elderly care firm.

Ragland’s new job at the Loving Kindness care facility was largely facilitated, according to the Daily Mail, by Meghan’s lawyer, Rick Genow. According to official papers, the duchess’ mother is also the company’s Chief Financial Officer and Company Secretary.

The senior care management firm was founded “to support and give peace of mind” to the elderly and those suffering from chronic diseases and disabilities.

Ragland met Meghan’s father Thomas Markle, who was the lighting director, while working as a makeup artist on the TV show General Hospital.

‘Our role is to provide a holistic approach to care by guiding and advocating for the client and families while managing and navigating important concerns around health and social issues,’ according to the company’s website.

Genow, according to a source, isn’t normally involved in arranging deals like these. Meghan, on the other hand, requested his assistance in order to “keep things low profile.”


Doria had always wanted to open her own private clinic, focused on working with older people, according to the Express. Following her daughter’s marriage, the 64-year-old left her job as a social worker at a mental health clinic.

Although the company’s location is stated as Beverley Hills, California, official papers show that the company’s jurisdiction is Delaware.

She had been teaching arts and crafts short courses in jewelry creation at a Los Angeles community college before to her CEO position. Ragland’s future at the institution is uncertain now that she has a new and more demanding job at the home care facility.

Meghan’s mother, like her entrepreneurial daughter, has had a variety of jobs throughout her life. Doria, who holds a master’s degree in social work, has previously worked as a yoga instructor in Los Angeles.

Meanwhile, sources say Ragland has moved into Prince Harry and Meghan’s new Montecito mansion’s guest house to assist raise their 17-month-old baby Archie. She’s been taking pleasure in her responsibilities as a grandma by feeding Archie healthy baby food and reading his favorite books.

Doria’s wonderful relationship with the Duchess has always been a source of pride for her. The 40-year-old told Glamour in 2017 that she admired her mother’s “free spirit” as well as the care work she did.

“My mom’s a yoga instructor, but she does social work, as well, and she works specifically with the geriatric community,” she said. “For me to watch this level of life-long sensitivity to nurturing and caregiving, but at the same time my mom has always been a free spirit. She’s got dreadlocks and a nose ring. She just ran the LA Marathon. We can just have so much fun together, and yet, I’ll still find so much solace in her support.”

Meghan added: “That duality coexists the same way it would in a best friend.”

‘It’s not the usual sort of deal for someone like Rick Genow to get involved in,’ one US business expert told the Sunday Express.

‘When you are as highprofile as Meghan and her family it’s understandable why they would keep things as low-profile as possible.’

Genow is recognized for handling high-profile celebrity clients through Goodman, Genow, Schenkman, Smelkinson & Christopher, a leading entertainment firm.

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