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Prince Philip called the Queen ‘cabbage’ as well as other cheeky nicknames

Prince Philip often called the Queen by her nickname, ‘Cabbage’ and sometimes even ‘Sausage’ (Image: PA)


Prince Philip called the Queen ‘cabbage’ as well as other cheeky nicknames


Among his many nicknames for the Queen, Prince Philip called her ‘Cabbage’ or ‘Sausage.’

The Royal Family is “joining with people around the world in mourning his loss” after the Duke of Edinburgh died at the age of 99.

People call Her Majesty by a variety of titles and nicknames, but Philip’s was by far the oddest — and sweetest.

However, the Monarch and Duke were not the only ones who exchanged nicknames; even the royal children are believed to be participating.

As Philip prepares to go into bed in the 2006 film The Queen, he tells his wife to “move over, cabbage.”

The Times quotes the film’s screenwriter Peter Morgan as saying, “I inquired in royal circles and was told on very good authority that that is what the duke sometimes calls the Queen.” Robert Lacey, the Queen’s biographer, verified the story. How adorable!


Peter Morgan, the film’s screenwriter, claimed the vegetable moniker was thoroughly studied before he started writing.

Some people believe the name originates from the French word of affection “mon petit chou” which means “my darling” but literally translates to “my little cabbage” but we don’t know for sure.

Elizabeth’s relatives and friends called her “Lilibet” as a kid. This was due to the princess’s inability to pronounce her own name correctly, and the moniker stuck.

According to a royal insider who spoke to the Sun, the nicknames are a means of easing tensions caused by a lack of ‘good communication’ among the royals.

“The royals are not very good at communicating with one another so this is one way around it. Nicknames are a way of taking the family tension out of things.

“They can also be a rather childlike family. They love to play games and they give each other silly presents. I think it’s because they have to be so earnest in their public lives.

“It’s done with affection usually and there are grains of truth about what one feels about another.”

But “cabbage” isn’t the Queen’s only nickname—simply it’s one of the interesting ones. According to PopSugar, Prince George refers to her as “Gan-Gan,” as British royals have done for centuries for their great-grandmothers.

Kate Middleton and Meghan Markle are said to address her as “Mama”

Charles and Camilla are also believed to have nicknames for each other, such as Fred and Gladys.

Prince Harry hasn’t been left out of the tradition, as he is reportedly referred to as “Flash” by his comrades, who may have compared him to fictional military lothario Harry Flashman during his Army days.

Many of these nicknames were used in Netflix’s The Crown, with Prince Philip calling someone “sweetie” over his tannoy at the palace in one scene.

Prince Edward is known as “Steady Eddie” while Princess Beatrice is known as “Trixie Belle” by Sarah Ferguson and her sister Eugenie is known as “Euge” by the Yorks.

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