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Meghan Markle lists surprising ‘special skills’ on old acting résumé

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Meghan Markle lists surprising ‘special skills’ on old acting résumé


Meghan Markle’s old picture and résumé have emerged online, providing a rare glimpse into the life of the Duchess of Sussex when she was a struggling actress.

The Duchess of Sussex, 37, is a talented actress who has been in a number of prominent television programs, notably as a regular on the legal drama Suits.

She was a struggling actress trying to create a name for herself before landing her big break in Suits.

It’s unclear when the résumé was originally used, but it doesn’t include her position as a suitcase model on Deal or No Deal, which she first appeared on in 2006, and her last professional appearance identified as ‘Natalie “Hot Chick”‘ in Ashton Kutcher’s 2005 film A Lot Like Love.

Meghan wrote that she is 5ft 6in tall, weighs 113lbs, and has brown hair and eyes. She was probably 24 at the time.

She also listed some unexpected particular talents, some of which are likely to have come in useful while she was getting to know Princess Charlotte and Prince George.


Speaking Spanish and French, as well as mastering southern, French, Spanish, and Argentinian accents, were among the “special skills.” Tap dance, ballet, and jazz were all among.

Meghan can be seen wearing a basic black top – and her favorite messy bun – in a beautiful black and white headshot, gazing moodily away from the camera.

Meghan’s professional TV experience at the time was restricted to two roles: a two-episode cameo on General Hospital in 2001, in which she portrayed a nurse called Jill, and a role as a party attendee named Natasha on CBS’s sci-fi courtroom thriller Century City in 2004.

The now-39-year-old’s resume includes performances in Damn Yankees, Oedipus Rex, Stepping Out, Into the Woods, and The Boyfriend, among others.

Meghan’s acting experience prior to those parts and her minor part in A Lot Like Love was limited to an appearance on Nick News when she was 11 years old, when she was questioned about her views on gender equality, and two lead roles that she won while attending Northwestern University.

Her big break on the courtroom show Suits wasn’t for another several years.

Kickboxing is another unexpected talent on the Duchess’ CV; we already knew she’s a huge fitness and yoga lover since she’s spoken about it often, but this is fresh information.

“Had the pleasure to meet the lovely Meghan Markle several times as an agent, but funny enough I couldn’t convince the agency to sign her,” the person who uploaded the photos wrote.

The agent went on to say that the first rejection didn’t discourage a determined Meghan, who ‘kept calling’ even after being told ‘no.’

‘I wondered today if her cell still works?’ the poster continued, before adding that they ‘really had an instinct about her so much that I had her headshot/resume and cell on file’.

“Congrats Meghan to you and Harry for the beautiful life ahead.”

“The least I can do is let the owner of her old cell number know,” the mystery individual adds, joking that they would attempt contacting the Duchess later.

After disclosing the source of Meghan’s résumé and headshot, the poster praises Mark Teschner, the casting director of General Hospital, for giving her “her first network television credit,” adding, “You sure knew how to pick them.”

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