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New Princess Diana audio tapes to haunt Prince Charles decades after her death

Diana and Prince Charles Credit: PA


New Princess Diana audio tapes to haunt Prince Charles decades after her death


There are fears that a documentary on the late Princess Diana could stir up new controversy for her ex-husband, Prince Charles.

According to MailOnline, the producers of the upcoming documentary intend to disclose additional devastating discoveries based on recovered and unheard audio recordings made by Diana herself.

Tom Jennings, a film director, claims to have six unheard hours of recordings made by the princess for author Andrew Morton’s 1992 book Diana: Her True Story.

“There are seven hours of tapes that Diana made for Morton,” Jennings told the Daily Mail.

“We wound up in our two-hour film only using about one hour of them

“We’re talking quite a bit about doing something for next year, which is the 25th anniversary of Diana’s passing and also coincidentally it’s the 30th anniversary of Andrew Morton’s book.”


He added: “There will be renewed interest, and season five of The Crown will be coming out.”

When the first documentary was released in 2017, it sparked outrage.

Viewers were treated to archived royal videos and frightening discoveries of the Princess’s attempt to plunge herself down the stairs when pregnant with Prince William in the documentary.

Diana’s close pals blasted it as “inappropriate.”

Though the documentary will not contain all of Diana’s tapes, the ones that will be released may cause criticism for Prince Charles, depending on their content.

The documentary also revealed how Charles reportedly wished Prince Harry was a girl.

Diana was heard making unsettling disclosures, including one about her “greatest love” who was thought to be her bodyguard.

Penny Junor, a royal biographer, called it “exploitative.”

She said: “It’s not what Charles would want and it’s clearly not what the boys would want. It will be deeply hurtful to them.”

When Diana initially revealed information about her private life as a royal in Morton’s 1992 book, it sparked a palace controversy that led to Charles and Diana’s divorce.

Director Jennings thinks the sequel will be equally disturbing, causing dissatisfaction with the palace.

Members of the royal family are said to be “furious” as a consequence of the drama’s portrayals.

Former royal staff employees have also chimed in on the veracity of the depictions.

Chef Darren McGrady said that the show used “artistic license” with real-life occurrences.

With the upcoming Diana documentary, which will broadcast around the same time as Season 5 of The Crown and will include fresh disclosures about the princess’ life as a royal, there are concerns that history may repeat itself for Charles.

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