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Meghan Markle turned Harry into ‘better man’ and brought ‘charisma’ to royal family, Royal Author Says



Meghan Markle turned Harry into ‘better man’ and brought ‘charisma’ to royal family, Royal Author Says


According to a royal book, Meghan Markle ‘turned Prince Harry into a better man’ and added ‘charisma’ to the royal family that is now lacking.

Sean Smith, author of Meghan Misunderstood, spoke with the Daily Star about how Harry changed after meeting his now-wife.

Smith said that Harry’s time in the army transformed a “boy into a man” but that “his partnership with Meghan” did much more.

According to the royal author, “Prince Harry is the man who served in two tours of duty in Afghanistan and it really was the making of him.

“His service career turned the boy into a man and his partnership with Meghan Markle has turned him into a better man.”

Meghan’s royal effect, according to Smith, extends well beyond the Sussex family. He feels she contributed unique traits in her tenure as a working royal that were overlooked by certain members of The Firm and the general public.

He classified her as a ‘woman of substance’.

He said to the Daily Star: “Historians would have you believe the Royal Family are boring at times, but Meghan Markle is not a dull person, she has a great deal of charisma that is now sadly missing in the Royal Family.

“This is a woman of substance and that is not how she has been represented and hopefully there is still time for people to realise that.

Although Smith stated that he did not want to “knock other members of the Royal Family,” he did add that Meghan’s outsider status made her an essential asset to the royals.

Smith said, “Meghan brought something that I think, is now missing.”


Elsewhere, Prince Harry has lately slammed disinformation propagated on social media platforms, citing recent occurrences such as the US Capitol turmoil, which he explicitly related to social media influence.

“We are losing loved ones to conspiracy theories, losing a sense of self because of the barrage of mistruths, and at the largest scale, losing our democracies,” Prince Harry warned in an interview with the website Fast Company.

“There was a literal attack on democracy in the United States, organised on social media, which is an issue of violent extremism.

“It is widely acknowledged that social media played a role in the genocide in Myanmar and was used as a vehicle to incite violence against the Rohingya people, which is a human rights issue.”

The progress Prince Harry has demonstrated as a husband and as a father to baby Archie since the two left their old life behind and moved into their Santa Barbara house is evident.

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