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Lilibet’s name is tribute to Philip not the Queen, Princess Diana’s friend claims



Lilibet’s name is tribute to Philip not the Queen, Princess Diana’s friend claims


According to Princess Diana’s secret voice coach, Harry and Meghan’s choice of ‘Lilibet’ for their baby daughter’s name is a homage to his grandpa Prince Philip rather than the Queen.

The Duke of Edinburgh referred to the Queen as Lilibet, and the Sussexes may have wanted to honor his legacy with their daughter.

Stewart Pearce believes Harry picked the name after his grandpa died because he loved him.

According to the Mail Online, the Duke of Edinburgh was a pillar for the young prince after his mother’s sad death.

Stewart Pearce, who was one of the late princess’ confidantes and vocal coach in the two years leading up to her death, said Harry ‘adored’ his grandfather, and his affectionate nickname for Queen Elizabeth will now carry on via the Sussexes’ newborn daughter.

“There is no doubt that the influence Prince Philip had over his grandson will live on in the heart of Harry, in the sense of the complete allegiance Prince Philip’s life created in alliance with the Queen, after the sudden death of her father the King, and her own accession to the throne.”


On June 4, Harry and Meghan Markle had their first daughter, Lilibet Diana Mountbatten-Windsor.

The girl’s first name was inspired by Philip’s nickname for the Queen, while her second name is a tribute to Harry’s late mother.

“After all Philip gave up a highly promising Naval career to be by the side of the woman he loved,” he added.

Mr Pearce, whose 2020 book, Diana: The Voice of Change, chronicled his interactions with the princess from 1995 to 1997, said she would have been “thrilled” by the name of her grandchild.

It also seemed to be an effort to avoid the “emotional aloofness” that the prince thinks has afflicted his family.

“I write in my book that Diana gave permission for the formal behaviour that stultifies love to be reinvented, for emotional aloofness to be made transparent, for starched stuffiness to be given a human face, for feeling expression to be given its rightful place, and for dismissive criticism to be turned into discerning care,” he said.

“Diana would be thrilled at the choice of name for the little one,” he said.

“Lilibet is a very special pet name owned by Queen Elizabeth II, who when very young couldn’t sound the four syllables of her first name, and so Lillibet was created by her.’

“Diana was the personification of love and the exemplar of unconditional love.”

According to Pearce, the baby’s name reflects Harry’s respect for the Queen’s “private side,” adding that “no one would dream of calling the Queen ‘Lilibet’ to her face.”

The couple’s choice to use the Duke’s pet name for the Queen  fueled curiosity over whether she granted her approval for the usage of the unique moniker.

Royal sources said that the Queen is “overjoyed” with Lilibet’s name, but she thought it was improper to make a public comment about it.

“I hear from my sources that Queen Elizabeth II is overjoyed at the naming of the babe,” he said.

“Her family is crucial to her, her love inordinate, and yet at the same time she is an anointed Monarch with public reserve.”

The Queen has had a tumultuous year since Meghan and Harry announced their divorce from the royal family.

Their departure is generally thought to have exacerbated Harry’s separation with his brother, Prince William.

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