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Harry was ‘under pressure’ while William was ‘statesmanlike’ – body language experts weigh in on Diana statue unveiling

Prince William and Prince Harry attend the Princess Diana statue unveiling. Yui Mok/Pool Photo via AP


Harry was ‘under pressure’ while William was ‘statesmanlike’ – body language experts weigh in on Diana statue unveiling


According to body language experts, ‘statesmanlike’ Prince William played the ‘older brother role,’ while ‘flamboyant’ Prince Harry looked ‘tense’ as they attended the unveiling of the Princess Diana statue on what would have been her 60th birthday.

Assuming there was drama under the surface of their grins, royal reporters in the United Kingdom went to body-language specialists for insight into what the once-close brothers were actually thinking and feeling about being together again.

Their mother was murdered in a car accident when they were 15 and 12 and the brothers put up a unified front when they arrived at the event, and their mirrored body language indicated their “deeper bonds of love” for one another, according to one expert.

After two years of squabbles over Harry’s wife and her alleged treatment of staff, the couple’s decision to emigrate to America, and the tonnes of ‘truth bombs’ the Sussexes have dropped in TV interviews watched by tens of millions of people around the world, the brothers are said to have barely spoken and have a ‘incredibly strained’ relationship.

During Thursday’s ceremony at Kensington Palace, the Duke of Sussex clearly displayed some “inner tension,” according to body-language expert Judi James, as per The Sun. She saw Harry reaching for his wedding ring as he strolled beside his brother on the grounds of the palace, which he had called home for many years, even after he married Meghan in 2018.

She said: “There was no real tension in their posture.


“Harry fiddled with his wedding ring which is clearly a reference to seeing his family as a source of comfort under pressure.”

“Their smiles, when they emerged, were a little bit rigid, but they did emerge side by side.

“And I think what was more important was that their body language was very mirrored as they arrived – a sort of subliminal bonding.

“The mirroring would very much show their deeper bonds of love for one another.”

Harry has been spotted touching his wedding ring at royal events before, and the expert believes he does it when he is “under pressure or lonely.”

She observed that Harry tried harder to make William laugh, although it was typical of their prior public performances.

“Harry was more energetic. I think he was maybe putting in a little more effort to make William laugh.

“He was a bit more animated. He threw probably more glances at William.

“But that’s very much how their relationship always was in the good old days.”

FEMAIL spoke with body language expert Robin Kermode., who felt that  Prince William acted in a ‘strong, confident, statesmanlike’ manner, evoking memories of his grandpa, Prince Philip.

“William (was) looking reminiscent of his grandfather’s body language, strong, confident and slightly cheeky,” Kermode said. “He’s looking very much the older brother here.”

Prince Harry’s erratic hand movements and tight jaw, he claimed, showed he was ‘less comfortable than he was trying to appear.’

“Harry’s hand reached to touch his wedding ring, which is a self-comfort gesture suggesting some inner tension,” Jamison observed, analyzing how Harry interacted with his elder brother.

Judi James, a body-language specialist, described their demeanor and interactions as follows: “There was little in the way of anxiety rituals which, considering they were very wary of the fact that people were going to be reading their body language, I think they managed it extremely well.

Darren Staunton, another body language expert, stated that despite their differences, the brothers’ closeness shone through during the occasion.

‘Although it was clearly a very powerful and emotional event for both William and Harry I think it’s very obvious especially as a body language expert that the two brothers still have a very very strong bond between each other.

‘I did not see any micro expressions, which are fleeting flashes of emotion that someone tries to bask in uncomfortable situations so for example if someone were feeling anger put trying to convey calmness make sure the motion would still emerge or as we say leak out, I did not see any such gestures, especially for Prince William.’ He added

It was Harry’s first meeting with William since Prince Philip’s burial, and royal fans are hoping that this Diana memorial will help to heal some of their disputes.

The brothers did not give separate statements during the short ceremony, as was anticipated. They were spotted going into the palace’s sunken garden together, then unveiling the statue in front of a small number of guests, including their mother’s brother and sisters, as well as Ian Rank-Broadley, the statue’s sculptor.

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