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‘Anti-royal’ Meghan Markle ‘doesn’t want Harry and William to end rift’



‘Anti-royal’ Meghan Markle ‘doesn’t want Harry and William to end rift’


Angela Levin, a royal expert, told GB News that Harry’s wife, Meghan Markle, did not want the brothers to fix their relations because she was “anti-royal.”

Ms Levin further alleged that Prince Harry refused to undertake the necessary effort to heal the dispute.

She emphasized that the Duke rushed in and out of the event fast, leaving little opportunity for reconciliation with Prince William.

Ms Levin said: “I felt that Harry came 10 minutes before the ceremony before so he couldn’t really have a proper chat with William.

“He left a quarter of an hour later, he only had a quick word with his aunts, Diana’s two sisters and her brother and then he was off.

“I thought it was too rushed, Harry couldn’t wait to get away.


“That is one of the reasons I think it won’t help them rebond.

“Harry is not prepared to, he doesn’t want to.”

The royal expert added that Meghan Markle also doesn’t want the pair to repair their relationship.

Ms Levin said: “Most important of all, Meghan Markle doesn’t want Harry and William to rebond.

“She is the person who he really has to please, it is understandable as a husband.

“But Meghan is firmly anti-royal.”

Ms Levin also accused Prince Harry of being “phoney” at the event.

She told TalkRadio earlier this week, “I thought Prince Harry was putting on a huge phoney face actually.

“He came out looking like a ‘dude’, not a Prince.

“They were all making points, he arrived only ten minutes before the unveiling and all that smiling and laughter, I bet he was taught that by somebody else, we don’t have to mention the name.”


Lady Louise Windsor rides Philip’s carriage at Royal Windsor Horse Show

Lady Louise Windsor shares her late grandfather’s love of horses (Image: UK Press via Getty Images)


Lady Louise Windsor, who was attending the Royal Windsor Horse Show, looked every inch the stylish royal when she grabbed the reins of the Duke of Edinburgh’s carriage.

The Earl and Countess of Wessex’s 17-year-old daughter is an avid equestrian who, like her grandpa, has participated in carriage-driving contests.

Lady Louise was last seen competing at 2019’s show, when she placed third in the Private Driving Singles carriage event, according to reports.

Louise, dressed smartly in green with a matching bonnet, smiled as she drove around the grounds, her hair brushed up off her forehead.

Her choice to drive her late grandfather’s aluminum and steel carriage comes almost three months after he died on April 9, this year, at the age of 99.

Lady Louise Windsor during the Royal Windsor Horse Show 2021 (Image: UK Press via Getty Images)

Her mother Sophie learned to drive a team of horses from the late Duke.

The young royal and her mother, who was also taught to drive a carriage by the late Duke of Edinburgh, were both beaming as they took the wheel of their respective four-wheeled vehicles — the ultimate mother-daughter bonding activity.

In his will, the Duke of Edinburgh left his most recent carriage to his youngest granddaughter, and she has been seen driving it since his untimely death in April.

The duke was associated with carriage driving, having designed the vehicles since the 1970s.

The Queen also seemed to be pleased to be there at the Royal Windsor Horse Show for the third day in a row.

Another dedicated equestrian, Countess Mountbatten of Burma, made an appearance on the second day of the event and was seen smiling beside the Queen as they watched one of the displaying classes.

The yearly celebration was also attended by Prince Edward and his seldom seen son, Viscount James Severn.

The biggest outdoor horse show in the UK takes place over five days and includes international events in three equestrian disciplines.

Sophie said in an interview with Naga Munchetty for BBC Radio 5 Live that although she and her husband, Prince Edward, are “protective” of Lady Louise, they understand she has to “live her life” at the age of 17.

The glitzy event isn’t only a showcase for carriage driving; far from it. There were elite classes in 5* Show Jumping, Dressage, and Showing, as well as the popular Shetland Pony Grand National and performances by the Household Cavalry Regiment. According to Horse & Hound, over 17,000 entries were submitted for the national showing, showjumping, and driving divisions, with 22 of them belonging to Her Majesty.

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1 Comment

1 Comment

  1. Lisa Rogers

    August 13, 2021 at 3:05 am

    Meghan is more anti Kate & Wills then “anti-royal” per say. If things in the house of Windsor had unfolded in the story book way, she would be jetting about in a tiara, basking in public adoration and brandishing a saintly status in a world forum. How can she be deemed “anti-royal” if she accepts and uses the title bestowed on her. The wedding was a cringe worthy Hollywood production, effectively causing an irreparable sea of mockery and contempt to grow and widen between Harry, Meghan, the monarchy and the world at large. Meghan is not “anti-royal”, just anti-Windsor. She feels is pioneering the all new American royal family, the ‘House of Sussex’.

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