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Thousands demand that Prince Harry and Meghan give up royal titles

Harry and Meghan tell all on TV show (Image: Joe Pugliese/Harpo Productions/PA Wire)


Thousands demand that Prince Harry and Meghan give up royal titles


Around 50,000 individuals have signed a petition requesting that the Duke of Sussex give up all royal titles, putting pressure on Prince Harry to step down permanently.

Lady Colin Campbell, a royal specialist, initiated a petition urging that Prince Harry give up all royal titles so that he can pursue his own ideas without causing harm to himself or the British monarchy.

She told the Daily Star that Harry should ask the Queen to put his titles in abeyance, which would mean they would be temporarily out of use or suspended, further freeing him from the constitutional conflicts that his beliefs are causing, with all the implications that entails at home and abroad, particularly in the United Kingdom and the United States of America, where his articulated belief is held.

Following continuous tensions between him and his wife Meghan Markle, as well as the rest of the British royal family, the Prince has been accused of “doing damage to the institution of the monarchy.”

“As a purely private citizen, with no royal rank, style or title, he (Harry) will be able to indulge his personal beliefs, as is the right of all private citizens, without the consequential possibility of damaging the institution of the Monarchy or relations between Friendly Powers, and will be free to articulate beliefs, no matter how objectionable, without the fallout that is otherwise inevitable as long as he possesses royal status,” says the petition description.

“So from that point of view it frees him and he is big enough that he doesn’t need the royal title, he’s gone beyond that, he doesn’t need them, they are shackles that he could well do without.


“He doesn’t need them – he is too big for them now.”

Earlier in May, senior advisors at Buckingham Palace called on the Duke and Duchess of Sussex to relinquish their titles following their candid interview with the US TV show.

Tensions were especially high after Harry and Meghan were interviewed by Oprah earlier this year, and since then, a second interview, a book, and a documentary about their life have all exacerbated the problem.

“His invitation to The Sovereign, being of his own accord, will resolve conflicts that would otherwise be inevitable, and will permit him to enjoy the credit of having put both national and international interests above his own, personal ones, in the process gaining him respect that he otherwise will not enjoy.”

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