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Queen ‘invites Harry to lunch’ when he returns to UK

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Queen ‘invites Harry to lunch’ when he returns to UK


According to reports, the Queen has extended an olive branch to Prince Harry by asking him to lunch when he comes to the UK next month.

The casual encounter is said to be Her Majesty’s attempt to “talk things through” with her grandson after the birth of his daughter Lilibet, named after the monarch’s childhood nickname.

‘It’s a typically magnanimous gesture by Her Majesty,’ a courtier tells Daily Mail.

‘The lunch will be a chance for them to talk things through.’

According to sources, Her Majesty extended the invitation for lunch prior to the birth of Meghan and Harry’s baby on Friday.

Diana’s statue, commissioned by Harry and William, is scheduled to be unveiled at Kensington Palace on July 1, the Princess of Wales’ 60th birthday.


Harry is likely to attend the ceremony alone, while Meghan remains at the couple’s California home to care for their newborn daughter and two-year-old boy Archie.

In his latest assault on his former life, the Duke of Sussex, 36, accused the Royal Family of passing on “genetic pain and suffering”

And, during their shocking Oprah Winfrey appearance in March, Harry and wife Meghan, 39, accused The Firm of racism.

It would be Harry’s first meeting with his grandmother since he and Meghan announced their departure from Britain more than a year ago.

It has been reported that when Harry visited Prince Philip’s funeral in April, he only talked to the Queen outdoors, with other members of the Royal Family present.

It was anticipated that Harry’s return to the UK would aid in the mending of his “deteriorating” relationship with his brother, Prince William.

The visit occurred just over a month after he and Meghan leveled a slew of damaging accusations against ‘The Firm’ in an explosive interview with Oprah Winfrey.

Despite accusations of racism, a lack of mental health care, and Harry’s claims of feeling “trapped” in the royal family, Her Majesty said that the pair are “much-loved family members.”

According to sources, the Queen, 95, does not bear a grudge towards Harry.

At Prince Philip’s funeral, Prince Harry had his first face-to-face talks with his father and brother since formally standing down as senior royals.

However, a royal specialist claims that the talks between William and Charles were “very strained” and were just a “opening move” to mend the royal split.

According to Royal author Phil Dampier, these measures were just a “opening move,” and there is still more work to be done.

He told Sun Online: “The relationship between the so-called former “Fab Four”- Harry, Meghan, William and Kate – is now so broken and delicate that everyone is looking for the slightest signs it is getting better…or worse.

“The discussions after Prince Philip’s funeral were a start, but were clearly very strained and only an opening move.

“Harry and Meghan now have all they want to make them happy if they are going to be.

“A son, a daughter on the way, their freedom from the royal family and the means to make money and get involved in cases which interest them.

“To carry on a war with Harry’s blood family is unnecessary and counter-productive, and the sooner they realise that the better.

“They should get on with their lives, stop playing the victim and stop playing on their royal connections by leaking stories while pleading for privacy.

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