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Prince William slammed Meghan as a ‘merciless bloody woman’



Prince William slammed Meghan as a ‘merciless bloody woman’


According to a royal book, Prince William referred to Meghan Markle as “that bloody woman” who was “merciless” to her workers.

Robert Lacey makes the allegation in his explosive new book Battle of Brothers, which exposes William and Prince Harry’s rivalry.

While he claims that “the conflict between Diana’s two bitterly divided sons does not seem likely to end any time soon,” friends and relatives of their couple are attempting to “ease the path to a truce.” The brothers may be reunited during a ceremony next week at Kensington Palace to unveil a monument of their mother.

In reference to next year’s Platinum Jubilee, when the Royal Family will assemble on the balcony of Buckingham Palace, the author claims the Duke of Cambridge will have “no choice” but to “to swallow his pride and smile beside Meghan.”

“According to one of my sources, it’s been pointed to him that everyone has a difficult sister-in-law,” he writes in the Daily Mail.

“William’s response was to nod his head in sage acceptance. Then suddenly he broke out angrily. ‘But look at the way that bloody woman treated my staff — merciless!’”


With no mother to bang their heads together — and a father whose interests are focused elsewhere — both brothers have a sad propensity to linger in the past, feeding off old grudges.

Lacey claims that both sets of friends can see the other side’s point of view.

“Sussex supporters have noted the bizarre combination of self-promotion and self-pity that characterises Meghan, and can see why it has infuriated William.

“’Meghan can be a 500 per cent nightmare,’ some close friends of Harry are among the first to admit. ‘The never-ending PR. She’s just so . . . American!’”

Mr Lacey says in his book that William was “furious” after seeing a “Dossier of Distress” that was reportedly filed in October 2018 by communicator Jason Knauf.

Lacey says that the Duchess of Sussex “humiliated” staff workers, and that Harry was also chastised by aides.

Buckingham Palace is reported to be working hard to put a stop to the “emergency.” Lacey also reports that “Homesick Harry” has been calling his UK friends “mournfully” lately.

In October 2018, Jason Knauf, who worked in communications for both the Cambridges and the Sussexes, filed an official email claiming Meghan had bullied employees.

Meghan Markle, on the other hand, has denied the accusations and said that she wishes to help people who have been through terrible situations and to foster “compassion around the world”

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1 Comment

1 Comment

  1. Carol Harcus

    August 4, 2021 at 3:19 pm

    While on the face of it Ms Markle appears to be the ultimate gold digging bitch, you have to put in perspective that we the public are only getting what is printed in papers and magazines and everyone should know that these tabloids are notoriously untruthful and antrustworthy. When BP actually make an information release then I may believe it. Prior to that, one has to reserve any judgement. The public are ensuring incorrect info is spread by buying the rubbish rags.

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