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Royal Family would be ‘crazy’ to talk to Harry and Meghan, expert warns



Royal Family would be ‘crazy’ to talk to Harry and Meghan, expert warns


Angela Levin, a royal expert, predicts that any private discussions with the couple will be published on social media or in the press “in no time”

For the first time since March of last year, Harry was reunited with his father, Prince Charles, and brother, Prince William, during Prince Philip’s burial.

Meghan, who is heavily pregnant, did not attend, but she did issue a statement via the couple’s ‘Global Press Secretary’ informing the world that she would be watching the ceremony on TV.

Meghan was accused of informing the media that she would be attending the funeral and leaking information about the handwritten message she placed on a wreath.

Furthermore, in the aftermath of the Oprah interview, Meghan’s friend claimed that discussions between William and Harry were not “productive” which was dubbed a “shocking breach of trust”

Commentator Angela Levin thinks “privacy is the last thing” the Duke and Duchess of Sussex want with their “obsession” with worldwide coverage.


Angela Levin said that any private discussion the family had with the couple would not be kept secret for long.

She also said that they are “obsessed” with worldwide attention and should “just continue their lives”

Angela warned the queen and her family in an interview with The Sun.

She said: “I think the Royal Family would be crazy to talk to Meghan and Harry.

“In no time it would be out in magazines and on social media.

“Whenever anything happens to them, big or small, they have to tell the world.

“They are obsessed with global.

“They should actually just continue their lives.

“People don’t need to know exactly what they’re doing.”

Despite stepping down as senior royals and relocating to Los Angeles, Meghan and Harry have received widespread media attention.

“It’s nonsense,” she continued.

“They are desperate that everybody knows what they are doing every minute of the day.

As a consequence, Angela believes that mending any harm done to Harry’s relationship with his family would be difficult.

“When they talk about their quarrel or what they feel about the Royal Family, why would anybody speak to them?

“How can it be repaired?

“I do just think they should be quiet.

“They should get on with their lives.”

Millions of people across the globe will be hoping to see the family reunited, with pictures of Kate, William, and Harry chatting after the burial stoking expectations that the apparent conflict has finally ended.

Richard Fitzwilliams said: “What is still totally unclear to me is what precisely the Sussexes want of the Royal Family now.

“If there is going to be any reconciliation, it should be done privately.”

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