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Prince Harry ’embarrassed and regretful’ about Oprah interview

Harry and Meghan tell all on TV show (Image: Joe Pugliese/Harpo Productions/PA Wire)


Prince Harry ’embarrassed and regretful’ about Oprah interview


According to a royal expert, Prince Harry will be ‘regretful and embarrassed’ following the Oprah interview that sparked the Royal Family’s turmoil.

Tensions have been high since Meghan Markle and Prince Harry made several claims against the royal family during their Oprah Winfrey interview.

Meghan accused Kate, Duchess of Cambridge, of making her cry during a dress fitting in the run-up to the royal wedding, while Harry said his brother William was “trapped” in ‘The Firm,’ according to The Mirror.

The Duke of Sussex, according to royal biographer Duncan Larcombe, is “hot-headed” and “acts on his emotions”

Mr Larcombe also believes Harry may come to regret his and Meghan’s choice to step down from royal responsibilities last year.

Closer magazine quoted the royal expert as saying: “Harry was clearly hurt and angry about Meghan’s experience with the royals – and used the interview to get it out.


“But after returning home, I’ve no doubt he’s been feeling embarrassed, regretful and awkward.

“He’s now facing the consequences.

Duncan Larcome, the author of Prince Harry: The Inside Story, revealed that after spending time with the Duke of Sussex as a Royal editor – on tours and events – he’s come to the opinion that he’s “hot-headed”

Duncan recounted covering Peter Phillips’ stag party in 2008, when 36-year-old Harry became enraged after assuming the editor had gone into a beer garden to spend time with his brother Prince William, 39.

“I was covering Peter Phillips’ stag do in 2008 and I first explained to the brothers, when I saw them, that I wouldn’t get in their way and that I’d liaise with them about the article I’d run,” he told Closer magazine.

He continued: “Later that weekend, William invited me into the beer garden to join them for a drink. Harry saw me and was livid – he flew off the handle, thinking I’d snuck in there slyly.

“He saw red and we had a row – but after William explained, he calmed down, apologised and we had a beer.”

Duncan went on to say that something similar must have occurred during his and 39-year-old wife Meghan Markle’s appearance with Oprah because he was “clearly hurt and angry about Meghan’s experience with the Royals – and used the interview to get it out.”

According to Closer royal source Duncan Larcombe, Prince Harry would have returned to the United States ‘felling more confused than ever.’

He said: “I’ve heard Harry was feeling numb heading back to LA. You could see in his face at the funeral that he was torn. He didn’t think he’d have to face his family so soon – and when he did, he had mixed emotions.

“Coming home has reminded him of everything he’s sacrificed in recent years – and of the recent damage done.”

He claims Harry will “regret that interview” as well as his choice to leave the royal family.

Harry went to the United Kingdom in April to attend Prince Philip’s funeral.

His visit occurred weeks after the tell-all interview and was his first reunion with the royals since Megxit.

Some members of Harry’s family reportedly gave him a “frosty reception”

Following the funeral, Harry, his brother William, and their father, Prince Charles, 72, allegedly held a two-hour conversation, but negotiations have since been “put on hold”

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