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Meghan may make surprise appearance in UK for Princess Diana event

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Meghan may make surprise appearance in UK for Princess Diana event


There are various contradicting reports on this.

The Duchess of Sussex was rumored to be taking a break from maternity leave to join her husband on the trans-Atlantic trip this week, but a royal insider denied this. The Sussexes have not confirmed is she will be attending the event .

Princes William and Harry will meet in Kensington Palace’s grounds for the unveiling of the memorial monument they commissioned in 2017.

According to a royal expert, Meghan Markle’s past actions suggest that she may make a surprise appearance at the Princess Diana event this summer in the United Kingdom.

According to the expert, studying Meghan’s history will reveal whether or not she will show on the day.

Daniela Elser recounted how the duchess has gone out of her way to support her family, such as when she took part in Trooping the Colour in 2019 only a month after bringing Archie into the world.


“Then, in September the same year, she flew to New York when her baby was only four months old for only a few days to take her place courtside to cheer on good friend Serena Williams,” Daniela said.

She goes on to say that Meghan is comparable to Princess Diana in that both ladies left their positions as senior royals in The Firm, Princess Diana when she divorced Prince Charles before her death, and Meghan and Harry after they decided to stand down as senior royals in March 2020.




Conflicting reports

Meghan Markle will reportedly not travel to the United Kingdom when Prince Harry returns home to celebrate the late Princess Diana’s 60th birthday with William.

Sources close to Harry and Meghan maintained that she will remain in California when her husband arrives in July to join his brother Prince William for the wedding at Kensington Palace.

But according to some reports, the Duchess will accompany Harry because she “knows how hard it was to attend his grandfather’s funeral alone and doesn’t want that to happen again.”

‘The (statue unveiling day) will not just be about honoring Diana on what would have been her 60th birthday, but also an opportunity for William to take ownership of his mother’s legacy,’ the insider said.

The Duchess of Sussex will most likely miss the ceremony since she is presently caring for the couple’s newborn daughter, Lilibet Diana, at their residence in Los Angeles.

Phil Dampier said he “very much doubts” the Duchess would travel over for the wedding in the coming weeks.
“It wouldn’t surprise me if we don’t see Meghan for some time,” Mr Dampier added.

“I don’t think she is popular with the royals or the public in the UK anymore and I think she will prefer to stay in California with her two young children.”

He said that the birth of her baby, the first royal child born in the United States, would give Meghan with a “excuse” not to attend.

The birth of Lilibet gives her a perfect excuse not to come,” he said.

“It may be seen as a swipe at the Royal Family, but it will just be added to an already long list.”

Meghan, 39, has not visited the United Kingdom since March of last year, and some in the royal family doubt she will ever return.

A source close to the Sussexes said: “Meghan is not going to travel. She has just had a baby and Harry will travel alone.”

However, if the Duchess attends, most of the attention will move to her and away from Diana, according to Mr Dampier.

Royal author Phil Dampier said: “In the unlikely event she did come, it would turn into a circus and detract from the point of the unveiling.”

“This is the best opportunity for William and Harry to repair their relationship, and it may be better for the brothers to sort things out between them on their own.”

On July 1, Harry, 36, and his brother, Prince William, 38, will meet at Kensington Palace to unveil a monument of Princess Diana.

Meanwhile, if Prince Harry chooses not to return, Kate Middleton may fill in on the big day.

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