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Prince Harry has diplomatic status protects him if Meghan Markle begins US divorce proceedings


Prince Harry has diplomatic status protects him if Meghan Markle begins US divorce proceedings


A royal author has ignited a fascinating debate over Prince Harry’s perks now that he lives in the United States.

One of these has to do with his passport status, since the Duke of Sussex is thought to be living on a diplomatic passport.

According to sources, the Duke of Sussex’s diplomatic passport would save him from civil proceedings in the United States, including a divorce. So, if Meghan Markle divorces Prince Harry in the United States, the State Department is reportedly going to put the divorce on hold right away.

Meghan will only be able to divorce her husband “where his diplomatic immunity does not apply,” which is in London.

The author of Harry: Biography of a Prince, Angela Levin, retweeted a message on what would happen if the Duke and Duchess of Sussex split up.

Angela Levin, a royal biographer, wondered whether Meghan was aware of the ramifications of her husband’s passport.


One Instagrammer revealed:

“An aspect that Meghan has not considered is that she cannot divorce Harry in California because he has diplomatic immunity so if she begins proceedings that State Department will step in and suspend proceedings.”

“Meghan can only divorce Harry in London where his diplomatic immunity does not apply.



Levin replied to the Instagram post by calling it a “interesting revelation” and asking if she was aware of it.

Levin tweeted, “Very interesting revelation about Harry’s diplomatic immunity in the USA.” “Wonder if Meghan knew this.”

According to reports, if Meghan decides to terminate their partnership and file for divorce in the United States, she would be barred from doing so by the State Department due to Harry’s diplomatic passport’s protection.

However, a Twitter follower of Levin’s said that diplomatic immunity only extends to criminal cases, not civil cases such as divorces. The conversation then moved on to Harry’s citizenship and visa status in the United States.

According to sources, Harry will be able to remain in the United States for more than a year without obtaining permanent residency since he was granted an A1 visa, which is granted to diplomats and government officials. This will encourage Harry to remain in the United States for longer without having to apply for a green card or gain dual citizenship.

According to reports, Harry, who will be married to Meghan for three years in May, has no immediate intentions to become a permanent resident in the United States. If he has to qualify for citizenship, he’ll have to give up his titles and nobility, but several royal scholars believe he won’t.

Levin’s post ignited a Twitter discussion. Some social media users questioned if Harry really flew on a diplomatic passport and received an A-1 visa from the US government, which grants him diplomatic immunity. Others countered that only because he has diplomatic protection would not exclude Meghan from divorcing him in California.

Some also speculated that he might have an O-1 visa, which is reserved for those of exceptional ability or skills.

Meghan Markle and Prince Harry met on a blind date in 2016 and became engaged in November of the same year. On May 19, 2018, they married in Windsor Castle’s St. George’s Chapel.

In early 2020, Prince Harry and Meghan relocated from Canada to California, shortly before the coronavirus pandemic locked the borders.

The New York Times announced earlier this month that although Prince Harry was entitled to become a permanent resident in the United States, he would not seek residency and citizenship in the region.

“The Duke has not made an application for dual citizenship, and I don’t think he will apply for a green card at any point” a royal source said.

If Harry wants complete freedom, Levin thinks he should seek citizenship in the United States. In an interview with the Daily Express, Levin said that Harry would be more successful in advocating for his causes in the United States if he wasn’t mistaken for a prince. He’d be able to openly articulate himself without the press tying his statements to how they could affect the royal family. Other attractive offers that would not trigger a backlash may be pursued by the duke.

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1 Comment

  1. William

    May 9, 2021 at 9:15 pm

    I thought weeks ago the next move would be Megan’s divorce proceedings i mean what a pay out. You can see Harry’s a wet person and meghan stands out with an Oscar amazing she’s come from nothing and istKing on the monarchy. Harry is a nothing and in no way any kind of leader just a wet blanket I mean who would bring stress to there granny and grandad past Harry will get what he desireves that will be a laughing stock in the world

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