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Piers Morgan blasts Meghan and Prince Harry after baby announcement


Piers Morgan blasts Meghan and Prince Harry after baby announcement


Piers Morgan has ridiculed Prince Harry and Meghan Markle following the birth of their newborn baby, Lilibet Diana Mountbatten-Windsor.

Morgan couldn’t help but poke fun at Markle after the pair revealed the birth of their daughter, Lilibeth ‘Lili’ Diana Mountbatten-Windsor, on Sunday (local time).

The former GMB anchor slammed the Sussexes’ decision to name their newborn child Lilibet after the Queen, after criticizing the monarchy for months after leaving the Royal Family.

Meghan and Harry alleged that the Firm had not supported them and that they had encountered racism as members of the Royal Family.

The newborn girl’s name is Lilibet, or Lili for short, after the Queen’s family nickname.

In a petty response to the couple’s baby bliss, the journalist took a jab at Markle in a tweet.


“To those asking for my reaction to the new royal baby, I am respecting her parent’s constant pleas for privacy and declining to comment,” Morgan said.

He was alluding to the pair, who stated that they stood down as senior royals in order to live more private lives, but then went on to do countless interviews.

The Sussexes have long spoken out against the toxicity of the British press, citing Markle’s constant media attention and interference into their personal lives as reasons for leaving England in search of a better life in California. However, their request for privacy has not been uniformly welcomed, with some claiming the pair is skilled at manipulating the media – despite their concerns over the continued attention.

“Absolutely spot on,” one Morgan fan said.

“Brilliant Piers, had a feeling you would take this stance,” another remarked.

Others criticized the broadcaster’s harsh reaction to the joyous news, with one pointing out that his view is unlikely to matter to the family.

“I imagine that they frankly couldn’t care less Mr Morgan,” one said.

“I know this is tearing you up inside. She now has two kids with him. It really is over between you two ,” another said, referring to Morgan’s assertions that Markle was previously among his Hollywood pals before marrying into royalty.

Piers Morgan continued on Australia’s Today show.

“You have this couple who have been trashing the Royal Family and the monarchy for the last few weeks and they have named the baby after the Queen,” he stated when questioned about the newest royal’s name.

“Maybe it’s their way of ‘reaching out’, as the Americans say, to the royals and an end to this on-running feud.”

“I always think when a new baby is born, I’ve had four myself, it’s very churlish to put a negative slant on such a moment, so I wish them all the very best,” Piers stated.

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