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Palace ‘disappointed’ Prince Harry ‘usurped’ William and Kate’s visit with podcast attack on Royal Family



Palace ‘disappointed’ Prince Harry ‘usurped’ William and Kate’s visit with podcast attack on Royal Family


Prince Harry allegedly ‘usurped’ his brother’s visit to Wolverhampton by releasing a notorious podcast, according to Palace sources.

Prince Harry confessed to actor Dax Shepard on his Armchair Expert podcast that he used to repress his anger at being restrained as a member of the royal family and the unavoidable public attention, which he likened to “living in a zoo.”

After news broke of Harry’s interview in which he blasted Charles’ parenting skills, media attention for Wills and Kate’s day out was reported to have been diminished.

Kate Middleton and Prince William paid a visit to a community center in the city to commemorate Mental Health Awareness Week.

The couple paid visits to three local organizations that help children’s and young people’s mental health.

A royal source told The Times, “It was such a lovely day for the Cambridges.”


“It is a shame that it got usurped by what Harry had to say.”

The Duke and Duchess of Cambridge were in town to promote Mental Health Awareness Week, but Harry said on the same day that he transferred Archie and Meghan to the United States to “break the cycle” of “genetic pain” he experienced as a child.

The Times’ source continued: “Nobody is shocked any more. It is more: ‘Here we go again.’

“But he should be told that these grievances should be aired in the privacy of your own home.

“Don’t do it publicly in a podcast. Get on with your life.”

“For a couple that have been at pains to set out their compassionate principles, they seem woefully lacking when it comes to their own family,” a source told the Daily Telegraph.

“It’s not just the Prince of Wales but the Queen and the Duke of Edinburgh as well.

“It has been met with utter bemusement.”

“When it comes to parenting, if I’ve experienced some form of pain or suffering because of the pain or suffering that perhaps my father or my parents had suffered, I’m going to make sure I break that cycle so that I don’t pass it on, basically.” Harry told host Dax Shepard.

“It’s a lot of genetic pain and suffering that gets passed on anyway so we as parents should be doing the most we can to try and say ‘you know what, that happened to me, I’m going to make sure that doesn’t happen to you’.”

“It was a conversation that I had with my now wife, and she saw, she saw it straight away,” he said, describing the moment he realized he needed therapy.

“She could tell that I was hurting and that some of the stuff that was out of control was making me really angry and it would make my blood boil.”

Harry, 36, told host Dax Shephard that his father, 72, “suffered” as a result of his upbringing by the Queen and Philip, and then “treated me the way he was treated.”

He said: “I verbalise it, which is, ‘Isn’t life about breaking the cycle’?

“There’s no blame, I don’t think we should be pointing the finger or blaming anybody.

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