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Most Britons believe Meghan Markle is ‘using Prince Harry for self-promotion’

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Most Britons believe Meghan Markle is ‘using Prince Harry for self-promotion’


More than half of Britons say Meghan Markle is “obsessed” with fame and is taking advantage of Prince Harry.

According to a poll, 55% of the public believes Meghan is “fame obsessed,” and almost half believe their titles should be withdrawn.

More than half of the 3,009 people interviewed (54%) think the former actress is using Prince Harry for “self-promotion” and to elevate her status.

The poll, conducted by OnePoll, also found that 60% of Britons believe the pair were “out of touch” with ordinary working people.

Because of their bombshell interview, almost half of those polled (47%) want the Queen to deprive Harry and Meghan of their titles.

Just 35% believe Harry and Meghan have been handled badly by the Royal Family when asked if they have received “unfair” care.


Just 21% believe the pair should be able to earn money from interviews while bearing their royal titles as Duke and Duchess.

And almost half of those polled, 43%, agree Meghan bullied her aides while serving at Buckingham Palace.


The Sussexes’ representatives reportedly pitched video of Harry and Meghan leaving their former residence of Frogmore Cottage and their “farewell tour” of Buckingham Palace for their new Netflix documentary, according to the UK’s Daily Star. According to royal commentator Daniela Elser, the move seems to be a “bank account building exercise.”

She said, “The sticking point here is that it is one thing to want to use their platform to maximise their reach and to support the causes and charities they work closely with; it’s another thing entirely to relentlessly put themselves at the center of the narrative and to keep the spotlight perpetually on them, rather than the actual charities themselves. If what has been reported is in fact true, there is something inherently uncomfortable about using philanthropy or even simple acts of generosity such as visiting a food bank, as what could look suspiciously like a brand and bank account building exercise.”

Elser added, “Here’s another question: Assuming this series does eventuate, once we have all gotten over the sheer, delicious novelty of watching a duke and duchess donning a ladle at a soup kitchen or hugging the homeless, whether the poor downtrodden souls asked for it or not, this entire endeavor just sounds … horrendously dull.”

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1 Comment

1 Comment


    September 11, 2021 at 7:59 pm

    Well,of course.She is all for herself and no body else,not even Harry

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