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Meghan Markle’s fans outraged amid claims Archie ‘upstaged’ Louis on birthday


Meghan Markle’s fans outraged amid claims Archie ‘upstaged’ Louis on birthday


Meghan Markle’s fans are outraged by reports that a paparazzi photo of her son overshadowed photos of Prince Louis on his birthday.

In the aftermath of the release of a photo of Meghan and her child, fans and friends of Meghan and Prince Harry took to Twitter to defend the Sussexes from online attacks. Some social media users criticized the timing of the photo’s release, accusing the Duchess of attempting to overshadow Prince Louis’ birthday.

To commemorate the day, Prince William and Kate Middleton shared a photo of Louis on his first day of nursery school.

The shot, however, was not planned by the Sussexes and was captured by paparazzi, leaving the Duke and Duchess helpless over when and where it was published, as her supporters pointed out.

“The sad part of Archie’s paparazzi photo being online is Meghan will be accused of sending it out to coincide with Louis birthday.”

“The press takes a picture days ago and releases it today.”


“Meghan Markle and Archie receive a torrent of abuse.”


“Not Royalists getting annoyed that papa snapped a shot of Meghan and Archie walking down the street. They’re so pathetic.”

“All these royalists need to leave Archie alone.

“He is, after all a child. Meghan is not trying to upstage Prince Louis.”

“It’s in different parts of the world why do you care so much.

“Some people in the world care about Louis, and some Archie. Leave it as it is.

“And the pic of Archie shouldn’t even be there.”


“So Meghan shouldn’t be out and about because a child on the other side of the world has a birthday picture plastered on a tabloid?”

“Am sorry the world is ready to accommodate anyone who breathes that includes Meghan and Archie. If they get more attention take that up with the media.”

Why Meghan Markle’s photo with Archie is causing problems for the Cambridges

The timing of Meghan Markle’s photo of her son Archie Harrison is said to have “raised a lot of issues.”

Rachel Bowie, host of the Royally Obsessed podcast, spoke with royal author Elizabeth Holmes about the snap, which is considered to have been controversial because it was released at the same time that the Cambridges were preparing to reveal a new portrait of Prince Louis on his birthday.

Rachel said: “I think we’d be remiss if we didn’t mention the timing of the paparazzi photos we saw of Meghan and Archie.

“I think that was definitely surprising to see.

“Fortunately for the Sussexes we haven’t had a lot of that.

“I think the last ones were in Canada where we really got a glimpse.”

“But there was a lot of coverage about the timing of that.

“Was that something where they were snapped and held? It raises a lot of issues.”

“We haven’t see pap pictures of Meghan and Harry, and I’ve been so relieved about that,” Ms Holmes said.

“It’s been such an eventful spring and I was worried the cameras would really go for them.”

“They’ve maintained the privacy that I think they deserve and want.

“It always puts a pit in my stomach when I see paparazzi photos, especially with Archie in them.

“The timing of that felt unfortunate to me to, that the paparazzi would do something like that.”

“Meghan looked great, they both looked so cute,” Elizabeth said.

“But I want them to have the space that they need, especially at this stage of her pregnancy.”

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