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Meghan Markle had “Secret First Husband”?


Meghan Markle had “Secret First Husband”?


It was always thought that Meghan Markle had one ex husband.

However, according to a recent newspaper cover article, she has a “secret first husband” that she wed before her ex-husband Trevor Engelson.

“Found! Man-Eater Meghan’s Secret First Hubby!” proclaims the cover of the National Enquirer. Prince Harry has been “blindsided” by reports that his potential wife is “hiding a secret marriage,” according to the article. Markle is said to have “wed for the first time after a two-year relationship, but the union was brief, and the couple swept the record clean with a hush-hush annulment” prior to her marriage to Engelson.

According to the paper, the “other husband” was “kept hidden from friends, family, and even Engelson,” and the “bombshell revelation has rocked the royal family to its core.” According to a reported “palace insider,” Prince Harry is now in a “difficult spot” and “must be completely embarrassed by this.”

“Harry knew about Trevor, of course, and he accepted that. But two ex-husbands? That’s a lot to process just days ahead of his own wedding, ” according to the “insider,” but Prince Harry “has to be wondering what else she’s hiding.”

The outlet doesn’t identify the “other husband” in question, instead stating that he, like Markle, attended Northwestern University and now lives on the East Coast.

A blurred-out photograph of what appears to be a male, but whose face is concealed, features in the publication.

“Proof of an alleged annulment would tarnish Meghan’s entry into the royal family,” the outlet claims. When Markle became engaged to Prince Harry, “evidence” of the secret marriage was allegedly “scrubbed” by MI5 agents, according to the paper.

‘Second’ marriage

Meghan Markle and Prince Harry are now happily married after marrying in a luxurious wedding at Windsor Castle in 2018.

But it wasn’t her first time saying “I do” — here’s how her former marriage ended and why she split.

Meghan was formerly married to Trevor Engelson, a film director well known for the 9/11 romance film Remember Me, which starred Robert Pattinson.

In 2004, he met the former actress and the two started dating.

They became engaged in 2010 after being together for six years and married on September 10, 2011, when Meghan was 30 years old, at the Jamaica Inn in Ocho Rios, Jamaica.

The wedding lasted four days, and photos have subsequently surfaced of drinking games on the beach in the days leading up to the big day.

The ceremony was held in front of 102 people.


Why Meghan Markle divorced Trevor Engelson

According to Women’s Day through The Sun, one of the main causes for this was their long-distance relationship, which began when Meghan travelled to Toronto, Canada to film Suits while her husband remained in Los Angeles.

“it was a very difficult way to start married life.” a source told The Sun about their long-distance struggles.

Despite the difficulties that Suits posed for the couple, Engelson was enthusiastic about his wife’s big break.

Ninaki Priddy, Meghan’s maid of honor at her first wedding, said that Engelson went “back and forth from LA” and that “a lot of Skyping and FaceTiming” took place.

Their love began to diminish as a result of this, and they finally divorced.

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