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Meghan: I just pick up the phone and I call the Queen, ‘just to check in’ – ‘That’s What We Do’


Meghan: I just pick up the phone and I call the Queen, ‘just to check in’ – ‘That’s What We Do’


The Duchess of Sussex claims she just calls the Queen to “check in.”

Despite her and Prince Harry’s withdrawal from royal duties, the Duchess of Sussex has stated she still contacts the Queen “just to check in.”

Following Prince Philip’s hospitalization, Meghan Markle said she phoned Queen Elizabeth directly.

The comments were made during the Duchess of Sussex’s and Prince Harry’s explosive Oprah Winfrey interview, in which she hailed the monarch as ‘warm and inviting.’

She said that she and Harry were no longer bound by royal tradition and that they could respond to family affairs like they would anybody else.



Meghan, 39, told Oprah, “This morning, I woke up earlier than H, and saw a note from someone on our team in the U.K. saying that the Duke of Edinburgh had gone to the hospital,” “I just picked up the phone and I called the Queen just to check in.”

“That’s what we do,” she said, “being able to default to not having to every moment go, ‘Is that appropriate?’ ” at every turn.

“For so many in my family, what they do is there’s a level of control in that because they’re fearful of what the papers are going to say about them,” Harry, 36, said, echoing his wife’s remarks.

“Whereas with us it was just like, just be yourself,” the Duke of Sussex said. “Just be genuine. Just be authentic. If you get it wrong, get it wrong, if you get it right you get it right .”

The royal couple made a number of accusations against the royal family during an interview with Oprah Winfrey at their California home on Sunday evening.

The Duchess claimed she and Prince Harry agreed to step down from their responsibilities in February of last year because royal life had driven her to contemplate suicide.

She also said that an unidentified royal had expressed “concerns” over her unborn child’s skin color.

Despite Megxit, the pregnant 39-year-old said that she and the Queen couple are still on good terms.

She described her first meeting with Prince Harry’s grandmother as “lovely and easy.”

Meghan said Harry asked her if she knew how to curtsey the first time she met the Queen at a brunch at Royal Lodge in Windsor.

“I remember Harry and I were in the car and he said ‘My grandmother is going to be there so you are going to meet her.’

“I said, ‘Great.'”

“He said ‘Do you know how to curtsey?’

“I didn’t think it’s what happened inside.

“I said ‘It’s your grandmother.’

“He said ‘It’s the Queen.’

“That was the first moment that the penny dropped.”

Meghan and Harry then practiced curtsying before meeting the Queen, according to Meghan.

““We sat there and we just chatted. And it was lovely and easy,” she told Winfrey.

Meghan also announced that the queen sent her “some beautiful pearl earrings and a matching necklace” for their first joint engagement in Cheshire, which took place only weeks before her wedding.

Meghan expressed herself as follows: “I mean, we had one of our first joint engagements together. She asked me to join her, and I was on the train.

The Duchess said that the monarch even offered her blanket when traveling together during visits.

“And she has a blanket that sits across her, her knees, for warmth and it was chilly and she was like, ‘Meghan, come on.’

“And put it over my knees as well. And it made me think of my grandmother, where she’s always been warm and inviting and really welcoming.”

“It’s hard for people to distinguish the two, because it’s a family business right, there’s the family, and then there’s the people that are running the institution, those are two separate things and it’s important to be able to compartmentalise that because the Queen, for example, has always been wonderful to me,” Meghan added during the two-hour interview.


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