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Meet the most important man in Meghan Markle’s life after Harry

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Meet the most important man in Meghan Markle’s life after Harry


He’s been called the most important man in Meghan Markle’s life, second only to Prince Harry, and he has a lot of influence.

Markus Anderson is so close to the Duchess of Sussex that she refers to him as uncle to her precious pets. He is debonair, friendly, and has impeccable contacts.

Meghan and Markus Anderson are thought to have met in 2011 when he was working at the Toronto member’s club Soho House. The now-duchess had recently relocated to the city to begin shooting Suits’ first season. From the start, the two are thought to have formed a strong bond.

He was among the VIP guests at Meghan’s extravagant £350,000 New York baby shower, and he accompanied her to her first public outing with Harry at the Invictus Games in 2017.

So, who is this 41-year-old Canadian who has been Meghan’s fixer and keeper of her secrets, and how did he rise to such a powerful place?

Markus, who began his career at Soho House as a waiter, is still employed there as a global consultant.


He also introduced her to Amal Clooney and Jessica Mulroney, two of her closest friends.

He is said to have assisted her in selecting Sara Latham as her new press secretary.

“Markus is great fun, very witty and amusing,” a source close to Markus said.

“He knows everyone. He’s utterly discreet.

“He and Sara are amazing people for Meghan to have on her team.

“Between them they know everyone in the world of politics and showbusiness on both sides of the Atlantic.

“If Meghan and Harry are looking to become a global brand with their philanthropy, they could not have chosen two better people to guide them.”

But what do we know about the director of Soho House, and what part does he play in Meghan’s life at Buckingham Palace?


A well-connected Markus was charged with opening Soho House in Toronto at the time, and he was soon climbing the corporate ladder to amass a network of celebrity peers.

He moved to London when he was 18 years old, while being from Ontario, a town 90 miles north of Toronto.

He soon attracted the attention of well-connected creator Nick Jones and climbed through the ranks in London, establishing his own network of celebrity fixers and friends.

Jones sent him back to Canada to open Soho House in Toronto, where he met Meghan in 2011 when she came from Los Angeles to shoot the first season of her TV legal drama Suits.

Meghan wrote on her now-defunct website Tig, ‘What would I do without you, my loving, supportive, and endlessly fun friend?? I know what… I would be bored, and life would be infinitely less interesting. I love you SO much. Happiest of days for you now and always. Love you x.’’

‘Long before Prince Harry came on the scene, Markus was introducing Meghan to all sorts of rich and powerful people,’ a Soho House source said.

Markus has also been referred to as her “second most important man.”

Markus is said to have set up dates for Meghan Markle after the breakup of her first marriage to film producer Trevor Engelson.

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