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How Meghan Markle Turned Prince Harry into a Better Person

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How Meghan Markle Turned Prince Harry into a Better Person


Prince Harry benefits from Meghan Markle’s presence. The Duke of Sussex had a few poor habits before they wed, but his now-wife has helped him stop them, and the two are dedicated to maintaining a healthier lifestyle.

Sean Smith, author of Meghan Misunderstood, spoke with the Daily Star on how Harry adapted since meeting his now-wife.

“Prince Harry is the man who served in two tours of duty in Afghanistan and it really was the making of him,” Smith said. “His service career turned the boy into a man and his partnership with Meghan Markle has turned him into a better man.”

Prince Harry is proving to be an excellent husband. The former party kid, who made media news with his devilish romps close and far (in Las Vegas, to be exact) before his marriage to Meghan Markle, seems to have turned a new leaf. The British prince was revealed to have fully stayed away from alcohol and caffeine at his wife’s insistence, appearing happy and healthy than ever with the expectant mother-to-be by his side.

Markle, who has long advocated for a healthy lifestyle that involves hot yoga and a vegan diet, is taking that positive influence into her marriage. According to Vanity Fair commenter Katie Nicholl, the brunette cleared out all of the fast food stored in the prince’s cabinets after they moved in together, replacing it with new vegetables from her local Whole Foods Market, which is only steps away from Kensington Palace. Since then, the two have expressed a passion for cooking together and have recently declared their affection for home-cooked roast chicken.

Markle is a health-conscious eater and eats a semi-vegan diet, and she made sure her husband ate the same. The prince started consuming quinoa and kale and consulting with Gabriela Peacock, a royal family nutritional consultant and creator of GP Nutrition.


Harry is a big fan of her “Clean Me” vitamins, which help with immune system support and skin protection.

“Meghan encouraged Harry to get rid of any remnants of his party lifestyle,” a source close to the 36-year-old former Suits actress, who practices meditation and eats a semi-vegan diet, says. “She wanted him to get in shape and be healthy.”

Her actions were effective. “Harry has lost weight, started a healthier diet and even gave up smoking cigarettes,”  a source claims.

The prince was once notorious for his wild partying ways, but that changed when he met Markle, who encouraged him to be more health conscious like her.

A source assured People, “Meghan encouraged Harry to get rid of any remnants of his party lifestyle.” “She wanted him to get in shape and be healthy.”

After she first joined the Firm, the Duchess of Sussex is credited with getting Harry and Charles closer together.

“It is thought this was done with Meghan’s encouragement, after the American former actress stressed the importance of Harry remaining as close to ‘the one parent you have left,’” royal columnist Camilla Tominey wrote in The Telegraph.

Meghan was connected to both of her parents at the time, and Harry has talked publicly about his hardships since Princess Diana’s death in 1997, when he was left with just one parent.

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