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How Kate and William are deciding on whether to send Prince George to Boarding School


How Kate and William are deciding on whether to send Prince George to Boarding School


Over the coronavirus pandemic, the Duke and Duchess of Cambridge have spent more time than ever with their three children, who have all been quarantined at Anmer Hall, the family’s royal country home in Norfolk.

In the not-too-distant future, Kate Middleton and Prince William will have to decide whether to send their eldest son, Prince George, to boarding school or hold him at his present day school, Thomas’s Battersea in London. According to OK!, royals are traditionally sent to boarding school at the age of eight, and George would turn seven on July 22, giving the Cambridges little time to make a decision.

However, Ingrid Seward, editor of Majesty magazine, has confirmed that Prince William and Kate are’very carefully’ considering their children’s educational prospects.

Both Prince William and Prince Harry went to Berkshire’s Ludgrove School and reportedly enjoyed their time there. They were full-time boarders, but every weekend, Princess Diana will pay them a visit. When they were 13, both Prince William and Prince Harry enrolled at Eton College for their secondary education.

‘I think they’ll wait to see how the children’s personalities develop, and take into consideration whether or not they would be happy to live away from home,’ Ingrid told Ok! magazine, saying, ‘Having experienced terrible trauma in his own childhood, William is very tuned in to his children’s mental health .’

She suggested that the parents could be acutely conscious of their children’s various personalities.


Though Princess Charlotte “appears very confident” and “would suit the boarding environment,” Ingrid defined Prince George as a “shy little boy,” comparing him to his grandfather, Prince Charles, 71.

However, Ingrid has said that Prince George can ‘feel more secure’ if he attends a boarding school where he would be ‘tucked away’ and ‘have more freedom.’

Of course, just because the royal family has a history of sending their children to boarding school doesn’t mean the Cambridges will. According to Seward, Prince William and Kate will consider their children’s different characteristics before deciding whether or not boarding school is a suitable match for them. The royals may breaking from tradition now, as Seward points out, and the Duke and Duchess of Cambridge may determine that if their children are content with their current school setting, there is no reason to change things up.

“I think William and Kate’s view will be, if the children are happy in their school, why change things?” Seward continued.

Prince William began full-time boarding at Ludgrove School in Berkshire when he was eight years old, and he seemed to excel there.

Kate also went to boarding schools, including Downe House, a Berkshire girls’ boarding school, which she quit after two terms to enter Marlborough College.

Prince Charles, on the other hand, attended Cheam School in Hampshire and then Gordonstoun in Scotland, and later described the encounter as “disastrous.”

Since Thomas’s Battersea educates pupils up to the age of 13, it’s likely that Prince George and his siblings will attend the school before enrolling at Eton College, which is near the Cambridges’ London home at Kensington Palace.

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1 Comment

1 Comment

  1. Sue Humphreys

    May 7, 2021 at 8:43 pm

    Prince Charles went to Ludgrove as a boarder when he was eight. It would be a good thing if the children had some experience of boarding before they went to Eton. They could be weekly boarders at Ludgrove from 11.

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