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Prince Harry ‘regretful and embarrassed’ after Oprah Winfrey interview

The Duke of Sussex (Image: GETTY)


Prince Harry ‘regretful and embarrassed’ after Oprah Winfrey interview


Last month, the Duke and Duchess of Sussex met with the US talk show icon to discuss their intention to stand down as senior members of the Royal Family. For Prince Harry and Meghan Markle, the experience has been “unbelievably tough,” they told Oprah.

According to a royal expert, Prince Harry was ‘hurt and angry’ over how his wife was treated by the Royal Family and used their Oprah Winfrey interview to ‘get it out,’ but is now ‘regretful and embarrassed.’

Duncan Larcombe, author of Prince Harry: The Inside Story, worked as a royal editor for 10 years and knew Harry, 36.

He told Closer magazine, “Harry was clearly hurt and angry about Meghan’s experience with the royals — and used the interview to get it out.”

“But after returning home, I’ve no doubt he’s been feeling embarrassed, regretful and awkward.

“He’s now facing the consequences. I believe he’ll regret that interview – and maybe his decision to leave the Royal Family.”


“He’s in for a very difficult ride. There could be tough times ahead.”

Harry traveled to the United Kingdom earlier this month to attend his grandpa, Prince Philip’s, burial.

According to the royal expert, Harry was clearly “feeling numb” when he returned to Los Angeles.

“You could see in his face at the funeral that he was torn,” he said.

“He didn’t think he’d have to face his family so soon – and when he did, he had mixed emotions.

“Coming home has reminded him of everything he’s sacrificed in recent years – and of the recent damage done.”

He told Closer magazine that Harry has a habit of acting on impulse and remembered an occasion when the prince ‘flew off the handle’ at him after a misunderstanding during Peter Phillips’ stag do in 2008.

He claimed that William had asked him to a drink in the garden, but Harry suspected that he had sneaked in.

Duncan said: “He’s a hot-headed guy, he acts on his emotions.

“He saw red and we had a row – but after William explained, he calmed down, apologised and we had a beer.”

Duncan went on to say that he believes a ‘similar thing happened’ during Harry and Meghan’s Oprah Winfrey interview last month, in which they claimed Charles and William are ‘trapped’ in ‘The Firm’ and accused the royals of institutional racism, alleging one member of the family questioned what color their son Archie’s skin would be.

Harry is set to return for the installation of a monument honoring his late mother, Princess Diana.

On his last return, Harry was allegedly “shocked” by the cold reaction he received from several of his family members.

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